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The castle at Tintagel, the Cornish translation being Dintagel, was constructed during the later medieval period of the 13th century by Richard Earl of Cornwall and was also supposedly the legendary site of King Arthur's Camelot.
The discussion of the materiality of letter writing in Chapter 1 investigates many social and cultural areas of the early and early medieval period that have rarely been studied.
While the instruments of Christ's Passion have been a familiar motif in Christian art since late antiquity, the presentation of these objects in isolation seems to have developed in the late medieval period.
For example, the history of the Kyrgyz people in ancient times and in the medieval period.
Like many rituals, kapparot emerged in the early medieval period as a folk custom that scholars later struggled to understand.
FROM the medieval period to the modern day, visitors to Middlesbrough's Dorman Museum were treated to a series of lectures about the history of Acklam.
Richard's diet when he was king was far richer than that of other equivalent high status individuals in the late medieval period.
history Many historic sites in Durham, England, allow visitors to get a taste of life in the country across several points in history -- from the Roman times to the medieval period.
Toward the end of the medieval period, Marsilius of Padua restricted Christianity to a nonpolitical role.
In this sense, they consider both how early moderns depended on medieval concepts and how the medieval period was already more modern than a radical break suggests.
The discovery proved to be the largest and oldest clinker built boat ever recovered in Britain and was dated to approximately 1450 putting squarely in the Medieval period.
The VHP runs classes for Dalit students in Karsewakpuram and teaches them that members of their community were freedom fighters during the medieval period.
Dudley traces its roots back to the medieval period and helped to create the modern world as a major contributor to the industrial revolution.
The chronology extends many years earlier than the medieval period, during which two major drought events in that region already were known from previous chronologies.
The season, which the BBC says will take a fresh look at the Bard's life and works, will also include adaptations of histories Henry IV Parts I and II and Henry V, all set in the medieval period.