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Next year, we expect to see an increase of a little over 22% for Medicare Part B," says Ron Mastrogiovanni, president of HealthView Services (HVS), a provider of software that projects health care costs, in Danvers, Massachusetts.
An eligible individual can only enroll in Medicare Part B during one of three periods (see the chart "The 3 Medicare Enrollment Periods"):
Not only are there increases in the numbers of APRNs directly billing Medicare Part B, those nurses are providing services to an increasing number of patients in the program, representing increasing percentages of patients.
Its three parts are: (1) Medicare Part A, which pays for hospital costs, (2) Medicare Part B, which covers outpatient costs, and (3) the new Medicare Part C (Medicare Plus Choice), which expands the types of health entities that beneficiaries can use to receive their care.
When consolidated billing is implemented, nursing homes will become responsible for the billing of most Medicare Part B ancillary costs as part of an all-inclusive per-diem Part A rate.
By 2010, if the current rate of spending is not reduced, Federal outlays for Medicare Part B alone will be equal to more than two percent of the nation's gross domestic product.
Everything else, including laboratory services provided to the SNF/NF resident under Medicare Part B, is subject to Consolidated Billing.
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