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public funds used to pay for Medicaid

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Arkansas uses Medicaid funds to provide similar cost-sharing subsidies for plans purchased for the state's hybrid expansion, and those subsidies weren't affected by Trump's action Oct.
Following state and federal Medicaid guidelines, Trillium CCO (and Agate, the holding company that owned Trillium) provided oversight and administration of Medicaid funds while simultaneously implementing a for-profit business model.
Medicaid funds in accordance with certain economic indicators.
Despite the initial successes, the program's long-term sustainability hinges on whether the state can keep its cost in proportion to its benefits and whether it can resolve differences with federal health officials over use of Medicaid funds to subsidize care.
Use Medicaid funds to provide health services mandated under federal special education legislation to disabled students.
First, the Act gives a primary care dental or medical practice located in or within 5 miles of an HEZ the ability to deduct from its taxable income an amount equal to payments received by the practice in Medicaid funds, provided that at least half of the income earned by the practice is paid in Medicaid funds.
7 billion to states in Medicaid funds (not including administrative costs such as processing and making payments to service providers) and $1.
State governments are nonetheless moving to convert more behavioral healthcare funding from grant funds to Medicaid funds.
In 1977, Congress first passed the Hyde Amendment, which allows the use of federal Medicaid funds for abortions only in cases of rape, incest or when the woman's life is in danger.
In 1997 the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) issued a statement to long-term care facilities that receive Medicare or Medicaid funds regarding "do not resuscitate" (DNR) policies.
As states reform their long-term-care systems to provide comprehensive long-term services and supports, MiCASSA would divert a percentage of Medicaid funds from institutions to community-based services.
The legislation gives states considerable latitude about ways that Medicaid funds are used, a situation that both pleases and concerns policymakers.
The Court of Appeals said a state regulation barring the use of Medicaid funds for hot tub purchases violates federal law.
Florida's ban on Medicaid funds being used for medically necessary abortions does not violate women's right to privacy the Florida Supreme Court has ruled.
Because Medicaid funds account for three-quarters of the income stream to the state's nursing homes, the state government is a key player in contract negotiations.
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