Meconopsis cambrica

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widely cultivated west European plant with showy pale yellow flowers

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Most poppies prefer sun and moist soil but several, including the Welsh poppy, Meconopsis cambrica, prefer stretches of woodland in dappled shade.
Robust and reliable, it's a splendid plant to put with hardy geraniums, or the Welsh Poppy, Meconopsis cambrica.
MECONOPSIS cambrica "Frances Perry" is one of the most flamboyant, yet simple, members of the poppy family.
As a professional botanist, what caught my eye about the new logo was not so much its obvious similarity to the BP logo, but rather its lack of any resemblance to our wonderful Welsh poppy - Meconopsis cambrica, Pabi Cymreig.
Meconopsis cambrica, the yellow Welsh Poppy, native to Wales, thrives beside rocky steams, on old walls, even in the lee of great slabs of mountain rock.