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a wholesaler in the meat-packing business


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The objective of The Jungle, according to Upton Sinclair, was to expose the harsh, inhumane working conditions in the meat packing industry.
meat packing industry is unique because it must comply with the Humane Slaughter Act, which is enforced by federal inspectors who are in our packing plants continuously.
Four corporations now control more than 80% of the meat packing industry.
BGI) is promoting a steam treatment technology adapted from a system used in the United States meat packing industry.
In the case of Storm Lake, a substantial meat packing industry means that many of the district's students are minorities, do not speak English, and are transient.
meat markets if Canadian exporters did not adopt HACCP could eliminate about 30 percent of Canada's red meat packing industry.
This paper explores the hypothesis that the meat packing industry has had an evolution that, even with public policy changes, continues to push the industry towards an oligopolistic structure (at times monopoly).
MDM is a method also used extensively by the Mexican meat packing industry.
The meat packing industry was a technological marvel.
Hardest hit has been the meat packing industry, where many companies were recently forced to reduce operations and cut back on personnel.
The meat packing industry has been slowly moving out of the area," observes Neil Joffee of Newmark & Co.
This is the only complete investment that anyone has made in the Latin American meat packing industry in recent years," Oliva Funes boasts.
Since then, Sol, who has an office-supply home business, and Sam, retired from the meat packing industry, have gathered leftovers five mornings a week from three local Starbucks and from Classic Cakes and Bagels in Valencia, delivering the treats to the kids at the clubhouse.
According to Marmer, cattle hides are the most valuable coproduct of the meat packing industry.
One of the main agribusinesses in the United States is the meat packing industry, which generates large amounts of byproduct.