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An inspection showed an infestation of codling moth, pear psylla, fire blight and grape mealy bugs.
The East African nation's coffee exports in January retreated 18% after rains interrupted harvesting and drying, and crops were damaged by mealy bugs and twig borers, the authority said.
They hatched out into little killing machines in search of mealy bugs, scale and aphids,.
Ladybirds eat sap-sucking aphids, as well as mealy bugs and spider mites.
Farmers love ladybugs because they eat insects that kill crops, such as aphids, mealy bugs, scales, leafhoppers, and mites.
Wet winters can also mean that new growth is more succulent than usual, which is an invitation to the sorts of sucking insects -- aphids, scales, mealy bugs, white flies and thrips -- that do the most damage in the garden.
Pests are tackled by using biological controls, such as tiny ant-like wasps which lay their eggs on the larvae of whitefly and Australian ladybirds which eat mealy bugs.
As well as aphids, they can also eat mites, mealy bugs and small caterpillars.
As well as aphids, they can also eat mites, scale insects, mealy bugs and small caterpillars.
MEALY BUGS are those white, sticky fluffy-looking clumps you see in hard-to-reach places on your houseplants.
If you see white fluffy patches and tiny insects similar to woodlice, but about two mm long these are root mealy bugs.
The Winter Gardens also suffer from tropical pests, such as mealy bugs, which are similar to aphids.
Sometimes cacti can be attacked by pests, with the most common offender being mealy bugs.
Common pests to watch for are red spiders and mealy bugs.