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English economist noted for his studies of international trade and finance (1907-1995)

United States general in charge of the Union troops at the Battle of Gettysburg (1815-1872)

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It was "a great sadness" that Meade was never consecrated as bishop, Coffin said.
El destape de Meade revivio en todo su esplendor el besamanos y la cargada.
El primero murio en 1989 siendo panista--cuando Meade tenia 20 anos--, y el segundo renuncio a su militancia en 1981, justo cuando su hijo la iniciaba.
Meade the theorist dismissed the erroneous reports about the world ending as fake news.
The web site, DepositAccounts, lists Fort Meade Community Credit Union as having 12 employees.
I attempt to stress with all my clients that if you don't make yourself better, it is not going to happen," Meade said.
It is way beyond expectations - everything just added up in the right place," said Meade, who lives in Luckington.
Joseph Keating, defending, said Meade suffered from chronic alcoholism, depression and mental health frailties.
Meade continued to press with O'Connor having an effort saved by Clarke, with Fitzsimmons latching onto the rebound only for his effort to be cleared off the line by Delta defender David White.
But they He said Meade puts that down to a spate of injuries and a lack of experience in the team.
Her son, Bryon Meade, said he also believes in producing a high-quality, natural product, and the experience with Scratch and Peck has been fun, to say the least.
In fact they were won by the most successful Welsh Olympic equestrian, a certain Richard Meade with three golds in two Games.
Spokesman Federico Meade said the relocation involves employees in the administrative offices, and will likely take place in June or July.
Say hello to mentalist David Meade - Northern Ireland's answer to Derren Brown.
Chartered surveyors Philip Meade and Eifion Bibby of Davis Meade Property Consultants will be available for a free consultation on the FUW stand during the two-day event at the showground in Llanelwedd on Monday and Tuesday, November 28 and 29.