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United States historian who wrote a nine volume history of the people of the United States (1852-1932)

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The 40-year-old is registered with companies house as a director of McMaster Group Ltd.
CNN has said that according to certain sources, President Trump will take the final call on this issue and decide whether McMaster shall stay back at the White House or not.
McMaster, 37, admitted producing cannabis at his flat in Isla Avenue, Newmains, between November 2016 and February this year.
We're seeing great involvement by Turkey everywhere from western Africa to Southeast Asia," McMaster said during an appearance in Washington.
12, McMaster previewed the new NSS, saying that the document would take into account Russia's hybrid threats and widespread propaganda "that attempt to divide our communities within our nations and pit them against each other and try to create crises of confidence.
McMaster, who was sleeping upstairs, was woken up by his girlfriend's screams.
Trump tapped McMaster for the job of national security adviser after Rtd Army Lt-Gen Michael Flynn was forced to resign only weeks into the job.
Attorney Beau Wilcox of Conway said that financial data provided by McMaster before the sale was inaccurate, and "was in fact manipulated to mislead and induce them into the purchase" of the 45-acre Back Achers Ranch and Legends Bar & Grill on College Avenue, which includes a 47,000-SF arena and a house on nearby Shock Loop.
According HAARETZ Israeli newspaper McMaster said :"During his visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority in ten days, President Donald Trump will express his support for the Palestinian people's aspirations for "self-determination.
The strong statement by the army chief followed remarks made by Gen McMaster in an interview to an Afghan television channel in Kabul before coming to Islamabad.
General McMaster appreciated Pakistan's democratic and economic development and country's efforts in war on terror.
McMaster, arrived in Islamabad on Monday to hold talks with the Pakistani leadership.
McMaster is on his first South Asian trip since the new U.
Lieutenant Governor Henry McMaster (R) assumed the governorship when Haley resigned, and next in line of succession was the Senate president pro tern.
Kristi McMaster has joined North Cascades Bank, Division of Glacier Bank, as a commercial loan officer working at the bank's Wenatchee branch at 614 N.