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United States neoclassical architect (1847-1909)

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McKim drew the first souvenir maps of Disneyland in 1954 and went on to a 32-year career with Disney, working on many popular theme park locations and attractions.
Councillor McKim said he was impressed with the new lake and its facilities.
McKim summarizes most of the major systematic doctrines of the Christian faith (e.
Below, Kennedy first baseman Jon McKim drops a foul ball during the City title game at Dodger Stadium.
Cull then converted, as he did again six minutes later when McKim put the finishing touch to a flick move in mid field.
Weiss/Manfredi won with a proposal which modestly detracts neither from McKim, Mead & White, nor from the sacred landscape beyond, but combines with them to provide moving spaces and memorable experiences.
McKim has informed the Company of the following information regarding the terms of his Rule 10(b)(5)-1 Plan: Mr.
The players have been back in training this week, with McKim continuing to work on their shape in a bid to get their tactics down to a T.
Led by McKim Creed and including Burton Johnson Engineering, Inc.
I am excited about the future of McKim & Creed and am pleased to have the opportunity to continue serving our employees, clients and shareholders as chairman of the board,” said Creed.
McKim began to turn his attention to the serious deterioration of our underground infrastructures.
With sweeping interior views from gently curving balconies and a soaring glazed atrium that embraces the McKim Mead & White-designed Administration Building, the new pavilion links the past with the future and can only be described as "breathtaking.
McKim, Mead and White we all know about, also Daniel Burnham.
Stellar Financial is owned by New York based Stellar-McKim, a group of software, financial services and investment banking companies including McKim Capital, Inc.
2 New Johnstone Burgh boss Jamie McKim joked he wished the game had been called off after watching his side fall behind two minutes into his dugout debut.