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United States educator who compiled the McGuffey Eclectic Readers (1800-1873)

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District Court claims the McGuffey School District created a special-needs teaching program for her daughter in third grade but discontinued it in 2013 without telling parents.
Boys (Epstein, Kehily, Mac an Ghaill, & Redman, 2001; Pollack, 1999) and men (Anderson, 2005a; Messner, 1992) wishing to avoid homosexual stigma generally do not work (Williams, 1995) or play (Adams, 1993; McGuffey & Rich, 1999) in feminized terrain.
ANN HALEY MACKENZIE is Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Miami University, 01-D McGuffey Hall, Oxford, OH 45056; e-mail: mackenah@muohio.
William Holmes McGuffey, an Ohio professor and Presbyterian minister, had already begun work on his own readers when contracting with Truman and Smith to complete a primer, four readers, and a speller.
The prospect of the move prompted Trinity's Faith Community Nurse, Barbara McGuffey, (pictured above) to submit a request to Wheat Ridge Ministries to fund the implementation of a Free Medical Clinic for Polk County.
In an era when only a tiny minority of (mostly boys) continued schooling after the age of twelve or fourteen, the image of America held by the vast majority of native-born adults was that of the virtuous republic portrayed by Webster and McGuffey.
Aside from the odd library folio of Shakespeare or a personal edition of a well-to-do book collector, the McGuffey Reader is the place where nearly every nineteenth-century Iowan, including Garland, first encountered Shakespeare.
It feels great to be home," said McGuffey, a 2001 Dallas High School graduate who lives with his wife in Keizer and plans to return to his job as a Portland police officer.
Soloists include Bennie Maupin, Larry Covelli and Javier Medina, plus the likes of Javier Vergara (tenor sax), Steve Huffstetter, Ramon Flores, Ron Barrows and Mike McGuffey (trumpets), Ray Pizzi (alto sax), Francisco Torres, Alejandro Carballo and Andrew Lippman (trombones), Scarlet Rivera (electric violin), and Joe Perez (baritone sax).
McGuffey, military assistant, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition), Pentagon, Washington, DC, to the author, e-mail, 21 April 2009.
of Findlay) provides a biography of William McGuffey (1800-1873), who wrote the McGuffey Readers, originally published in the 1830s, used in schools, and influencing many American industrialists and presidents.
In her essay McGuffey And The Abolistionists, she discusses the influence of the Old Testament on Calvinistic New England: "In fact, it [the Old Testament] is more insistent than Marx ever was in championing the poor and the oppressed.
Students might interview their parents/care givers, grandparents or other relatives to learn more about their experiences with the early Dick and Jane series or the McGuffey Readers.
Roland McCook, the great-great grandson of Ouray and Chipeta, best expressed the young Ute student's attitude toward the boarding school textbooks, primarily the McGuffey Reader, by saying that the books had "no real meaning" to Ute children (Witherspoon, 1993; McCook, 2006).