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United States baseball player and manager (1873-1934)

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Power III will remain active in directing the company, and President Stephen Goodall will continue to oversee day-to-day operations, an official with McGraw Hill said.
What everyone had to learn was that John McGraw, the snarl in the dugout, had little to do with the John McGraw who secretly read books and kept abreast of current events, the stock market, and the theatre.
It reported I was going downtown to head up S&P and said, 'Gee, it's in such good shape, not even he could screw this up,'" laughs the 51-year-old McGraw.
La Jolla--her blondness protects the home, 1993, demonstrates how McGraw uses form to convey feeling.
With the backing of the Oprah empire, McGraw is spinning off his no-nonsense life strategies segment from ``Oprah'' into his own one-hour show.
McGraw Communications provides local, long distance, VoIP, data, Internet and video services to small and mid-size business customers, offering them the same advanced communications technologies enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.
Bush has declined, citing scheduling conflicts, McGraw said.
McGraw customers will receive branded network security services including a 24/7/365 security perimeter, security monitoring and management reporting, security device procurement, configuration and set-up, and security device maintenance and support.
I'm afraid I'm going to see another story about me on the front page,'' said McGraw, heir apparent to the chairmanship of the state Republican Party and an anti-abortion advocate.
McGraw had a leading seven nominations, including entertainer of the year.
McGraw-Hill Construction a division of McGraw Hill (NYSE:MHP) connects people, projects, and products across the design and construction industry.
McGraw reports to Pete Ianace, ESPRE Solutions' chief executive officer, and is responsible for finance, accounting and investor relations.
McGraw and we are convinced his innovation will play an important role in the evolution of next generation spinal stabilization devices," added Mr.
Attendance to the ICWC is COMPLIMENTARY (valued at $350) and tickets for the McGraw Hill Homeland Security Summit are discounted for ICWC attendees.