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United States novelist (1917-1967)

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A los 18 anos conoce a Reeves McCullers, un miliciano con aspiraciones de escritor; y luego de abandonar el Ejercito estudio antropologia y periodismo.
Su absolucion, en cambio, la encontramos en la mirada de McCullers, autentica maestra en la construccion atipica de estas personalidades.
Carson McCullers explora an esta narracion la imposibilidad de la comunicacion.
Like so many other southern writers and intellectuals, McCullers, who lived most of her life away from the South, faced the complex intellectual problems arising from being a southerner deeply attached to her native region and at the same time being out of line with the dominant southern attitudes.
Like her Southern literary contemporaries, including Truman Capote and Harper Lee, McCullers demonstrates how sentimentalism often crystallizes around the figure of the sympathetic queer child.
Auden, his lover, Chester Kallman, and the composer, Benjamin Britten, lived here, as did Paul and Jane Bowles, Carson McCullers, the ecdysiast, Gypsy Rose Lee, and three of Thomas Mann's children.
However, I argue that Herndon distances himself from a queer prisoner subjectivity, while McCullers can never fully "other" the heterotopic space of the prison in its various incarnations, and that together they provide key insights into how the repressive social order might be undone--the radical potential of those who are criminalized to sing together in "ecstasy" as well as in fear.
A Story Lately Told" has a subtitle -- "Coming of Age in Ireland, London and New York" and is peopled by such names as Carson McCullers, John Steinbeck, Peter O'Toole, Marlon Brando, Monty Clift and the succession of gorgeous, interesting women who made up her father's peripatetic life.
Up front, led by defensive tackle Daniel McCullers (6-8, 351) and offensive tackles Antonio Richardson (6-6, 327) and Ja'Wuan James (6-6, 318), the Vols will have a size advantage.
Sammy (voiced by Wesley Johnny) and best pal Ray (Carlos McCullers II) are captured by poachers with their grandchildren.
Nearby, Sammy's best friend Ray (Carlos McCullers II) and his soul-mate care for their brood until poachers strike.
SAMMY'S GREAT ESCAPE (U) CAST: T Voices of Pat Carroll, Carlos McCullers II PLOT: In this sequel to 2011's A Turtle's Tale, Sammy and Ray are leatherback turtles and best friends.
Something like Carson McCullers without the malaise, or Spike Lee without the chatter.
I aim to build on Esty's and Moretti's arguments to suggest the ways in which these two novels by McCullers and Morrison might critically reflect on the uneven development of gender, race, sexuality, and age in America.