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English rock star and bass guitarist and songwriter who with John Lennon wrote most of the music for the Beatles (born in 1942)

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This isn't the first time Meghan has worn Stella McCartney.
The late wife of Sir Paul McCartney launched her meatfree range 25 years ago.
McCartney received treatment at a hospital in Tokyo, publicist Perri Cohen said in a statement Thursday.
BRIDESMAN/BRIDESMAIDS/PAGEBOYS: Carl Colmer, 22, Emma Trainer, 31, Lucy McCartney, 13, Gorgia Trainer, 11, Catlin Micallef, nine, and Ellie McCartney, six.
The new Linda McCartney Special Edition Rosemary & Red Onion Sausages provide further variety and choice to those seeking a vegetarian or meat-reduced lifestyle and are a welcome addition to the already established range of the Linda McCartney meat-free products.
Abstract: McCartney says Waugh satirized not only upper-class children and dons of Oxford University but also foolishness of British imperial policy.
As the title suggests, McCartney 11 was his eleventh non-Beatle album.
Forty-one years later, McCartney is asking for a second listen with a remastered disc that includes some alternative song versions, live cuts and film clips.
McCartney also revealed how Stones' frontman Mick Jagger used to constantly refer to them as "the four-headed monster".
A year later, in 1960, McCartney remembers dating Julie Arthur, the niece of English music hall comedian Ted Ray.
Many years after John Lennon's death, Paul McCartney approached Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, requesting permission to credit the McCartney penned song Yesterday as "McCartney-Lennon," a seemingly simple request, since Lennon played no part in the composition of the song.
24 -- Hewlett Packard and McCartney Productions Limited (MPL) have unveiled a plan to digitize and deliver the library of legendary musician Paul McCartney via a private cloud.
DESIGNER Stella McCartney has lost an advertising complaint action after her fashion brand was named in a promotion for personal hygiene products, a watchdog said today.
SECURITY thug Lewis "Scooby" Rodden is involved in a bitter feud with gangster John "Joker" McCartney.
3m may not be considered that generous if we work to the notion that Heather Mills, pictured, was with Paul McCartney for four years - about 6% of his life - and, therefore, 6% of his fortune should be apportioned.