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unscrupulously accusing people of disloyalty (as by saying they were Communists)

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He added: "Child abuse is an horrific crime but there is a fine line between encouraging victims to speak out and McCarthyism.
Well, after seeing the "fight" against the parallel state in Turkey, we should say that we all might have exaggerated McCarthyism and the devil it represents.
This work by a historian from Australia provides a neutral, but detailed examination of the effects of McCarthyism on six people in New York.
Stevens illustrates how McCarthy-era film noir as well as McCarthyism itself encapsulated similar themes, what he calls "sentimental melodrama" linked with political theater.
Defining Moments: McCarthyism and the Communist Threat provides a detailed history of the rise and fall of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his politics, which changed the culture and politics of this country.
Meticulously researched andtightly organized, Communism in Hollywood examines the complex history of communism's origins, its influence in Tinseltown, and how, after time, it became much like McCarthyism, wherein trials were eventually held, judgments were hastily made, and misconceptions about the atrocities that were actually occurring in the Soviet Union were not fully recognized.
Danny Davis, for their courage of conviction in rejecting Congressman King's religious McCarthyism.
Savio received his historical recognition in Robbie Cohen's outstanding recent biography, Freedom's Orator: Mario Savio and the Radical Legacy of the 1960s (OUP, New York, 2009) and now Kerr reappears in Resisting McCarthyism, as the chancellor of the Berkeley campus at the University of California.
From the left, Eric Alterman says Abe Fox-man wants to silence J Street's critique of Israel's government, and Letty Cottin Pogrebin writes of Jewish McCarthyism against Judge Richard Goldstone over the Gaza report ("Has J Street Been Defamed?
He asked: "If this is not a return to McCarthyism where everyone's thoughts are controlled, then what was McCarthyism?
During McCarthyism, to be liberal was to be viewed as a Communist and perceived as naive about the real dangers.
This fascinating book about Jews and Jewish organizations' responses to McCarthyism and communism offers a discerning look at how one minority group strove to define itself during the early years of the Cold War.
Missing most significantly, it seems to this reviewer, is a realistic assessment of McCarthy the man--his well-known abrasive, domineering personality and overweening thirst for power--and his movement, McCarthyism.
IT seems almost impossible to get away from a form of green McCarthyism which is like a virus that infested the media; it is no longer 'reds under the beds' it is now 'little red LEDs glowing' on our electrical appliances.
To former Citigroup CEO SANDY WEILL, who, in his recently published memoir The Real Deal, chided New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer for his prosecution by news leak, which Weill calls the "new McCarthyism.