McBurney's point

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a point one third of the way along a line drawn from the hip to the umbilicus

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Key Words: rebound tenderness, appendicitis, peritoneum, McBurney's point
To perform the test, a fold of abdominal skin over McBurney's point is grasped and elevated away from the peritoneum (see Fig.
One important caveat to clinicians is the fact that patients with appendicitis may actually have hyperesthesia over McBurney's point, and an excessive pain response to the "pinch" phase should not be dismissed out of hand.
If the doctor suspects appendicitis, he will press the McBurney's point, which is two-thirds of the way between the navel and the hip-bone.
An abdominal exam revealed right lower quadrant tenderness at McBurney's point with no rebound or guarding and a negative Rovsing's sign.