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system of religion founded in Persia in the 6th century BC by Zoroaster

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Thus, Maneckji Sahib's educated secretaries wrote the letters during his life in Iran and according the date of his writings and letters in the archive of National documents of Iran Organization during 1296 to 1300 AH Mirza Abolfazl Golpayegani was Maneckji's secretary and correspondence officer as well as being teacher in the Mazdaism boarding school.
Their] special interest concerns the later development of Mazdaism in its eastern areas.
In terms of history and culture, it represents a synthesis of Mithraism, Mazdaism, and Zoroastrianism.
Miraculous healings of children continued to be an important tool to recruit converts from Mazdaism and Islam to the Christian faith throughout early medieval times.
Moreover, in the Western Iranian area around what was later to be Parsa and its environs, tombs have been identified, supporting the widely held view that Mazdaism was imported from Central Astatic Iran to Western Iran at a relatively late date.