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thorny Eurasian shrub of small tree having dense clusters of white to scarlet flowers followed by deep red berries

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5 billion investment in Mayes County represents a major economic win, said Fallin.
Prior to Engage Therapeutics, Mayes served as chief operating officer of Advaxis Immunotherapies, and a member of its board of directors.
Mayes argues the commission wrongly interpreted a state law as well as a sheriff's department policy involving discharge of a firearm.
Commenting on the successful campaign, Mr Mayes said: "I want to give Brims Construction a big thank you as they have put in a big chunk of the money.
Mayes earned a bachelor's degree from Warner Pacific College in Portland, Ore.
Earlier, Mayes served in several senior digital roles, including director, global web strategy and knowledge management at Aon Corporation and as co-founder of Integrated Digital Solutions.
Mayes has landed a recurring role as Detective Kyle Mosbey.
Life on Tour with Bowie also features tour photographs from Mayes personal archive.
The hearing heard that Pc Mayes branded a female officer "Jeremy Kyle fodder" after she revealed she was an unmarried mum and made a third derogatory comment to an officer who grew up in South Africa.
Monday -- Brian Westbrook and Harry Mayes Tuesday -- Brian Baldinger and Harry Mayes Wednesday -- Brian Baldinger and Harry Mayes Thursday -- Brian Baldinger and Harry Mayes Friday -- Brian Westbrook and Harry Mayes
UBM Live said it has strengthened its Routes business by making structural changes which have put Katie Bland and Nigel Mayes at the forefront of the future growth of the business.
CRAIG MAYES could not have been prouder as he watched Hutchison Vale under-15s lift the South East Region Cup almost two months ago.
Political newcomers Brian Cline and Kellie Cline were each seeking election to the board, as were Jennie Hawthorn Mayes and Chris Mayes.
recently announced that Executive Vice President and General Counsel Michele Coleman Mayes has retired.
London, June 30 ( ANI ): Jane Mayes, who was overweight once and worked as a waitress, has lost 6 stones (38 kilograms) to win a place in the Olympic handball team.