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Yus, who has retained her Mayan language and dress, was raised as a Catholic.
Their projects to date include primary health care, SRH education for women and clean water technologies, as well as Mayan language training for development practitioners.
The Mayan languages, for example, have a morphological class of positional verbs, which sometimes number in the hundreds (Brown 1994; Bohnemeyer and Brown this issue), and can be recognized in Mayan hieroglyphics: these make very fine discriminations of shape, posture, and position, which are quite different in kind to the simpler 'sit', 'stand', 'lie' systems.
Utz Kapeh, meaning "good coffee" in a Mayan language, is a worldwide certification programme that sets the standard for responsible coffee production and sourcing.
For example, the people of Santa Clara speak a Mayan language, K'ichee', while the "Visitecos" of Santa Maria Visitacion speak primarily a closely related Mayan language called Tz'utujiil, as well as Kaqchikel and K'ichee'.
He spoke in Kaqchikel, the local Mayan language, and Spanish, blessing the earth, air, water and sun and adding rice, local brew, maize and sugar to the fire and mentioning the names of those exhumed.
Katz already was ahead of the times in contemplating real broadened theoretical horizons, such as a Chinese or wider Asiatic origin for these American civilizations, so his work is still surprisingly up-to-date and fresh, even given the recent advances such as the breaking of the Mayan language code.
Specialists now have access to pre-Columbian records written in a Mayan language that can be interpreted as saying that epidemic yellow fever had occurred in that region before 1492.
The Mayan language family diverged from a common stock over the centuries into the large variety of related languages found throughout the Maya region today, much as the Romance languages diverged from Latin.
One of the biggest scientific achievements of this century is the decipherment of the Mayan language.
In contrast, the word for "read" varies greatly from one Mayan language to another, he points out.
The word KAH translates to "life" in the ancient Mayan language.
Ruiz learned to speak four Mayan languages and often traveled by mule through his diocese, where he was affectionately called Don Samuel or "Tata," which means "father" in a Mayan language.
Among the typological traits that characterize the members of the Mayan language family is a relatively large form class of roots that lexicalize, in their overwhelming majority, noninherent ("stage-level") spatial properties of objects, animals, and people.
The bloody epic, set in the Mayan civilisation and told in an obscure Mayan language, opened with $14.