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Synonyms for Mayaca

small genus of delicate mossy bog plants having white or violet flowers

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Comparacao da microfauna litoranea com e sem presenca de macrofita Mayaca sellowiana (Mayacaceae), Ribeirao Passageiro, MG.
Gertsch (AMNH)*; 1 [male], Martin County: Port Mayaca, Lake Okeechobee, 26[degrees]59 N, 080[degrees]36 W, 29 March 1938, W.
crassipes, Lemna minor, Mayaca fluviatilis y Tonina fluviatilis.
An example of these is the Mayaca group, found in the eastern region during the sixties.
Hann, site historian of the San Luis Archaeological and Historic Site, instead of mining his recent book,Missions to the Calusa (1991), has contributed an important new documentary study that describes and bounds the district of Mayaca and Jororo, known for its restless Indians and its short-lived missions, as yet unlocated.
Las especies Cheilophyllum sphaerocarpum, Isachne polygonoides y Rhynchospora contracta se distribuyen en los sectores Cuba Occidental y Cuba Central, las que conjuntamente con Drosera capillaris, Xyris jupicai, Eriocaulon fulliginosum, Mayaca fluviatilis e Isoetes cubana; registradas desde la decada de los anos 80 y 90 del siglo XX (Avila et al.