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trade name for an antihypertensive drug containing hydrochlorothiazide and another diuretic

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However; a number of other prescription medications were listed in the coroner's report: Depakote, a treatment for epilepsy and the manic episodes associated with bipolar depression; Paxil, an antidepressant; Viagra, a treatment for impotence; Maxzide, a diuretic used in the treatment of high blood pressure; Claritin, an antihistamine; Bextra, an arthritis treatment; Valtrex, a preventive treatment for genital.
Combination drugs include Aldoril, Atacand HCT, Avalide, Benicar HCT, Diovan HCT, Dyazide, Hyzaar, Lotensin HCT, Maxzide, Micardis HCT.
I am unaware of any reports that night sweats are associated with Maxzide or either of its components.
The Bertek sales force will add Avita (R) to its current product portfolio which includes Maxzide (R), a once-a-day triamterene hydrochlorothiazide diuretic; Nitrek (R), a nitroglycerin transdermal patch system; Clorpres (R), for hard to treat hypertension; and Mentax (R), a prescription antifungal product co-promoted with Penederm.