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Roman Emperor from 286 until he abdicated in 305

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For example, in 287 Maximian received a report from the urban prefect of Rome that kidnappers were not only abducting other Roman citizens' slaves but also the freeborn (Evans Grubbs, "Between Slavery and Freedom" 50).
Indeed, although the excavations of the amphitheatre are not complete, we can already hypothesize that the architectonic complex built upon its ruins after its dismantlement, facing Cercadilla and bearing a construction technique inspired by the opus vittatum employed there (40), is connected to the conversion of Cercadilla from praetorium to residence of the bishop Ossius, in accordance with an idea already put forward by Marfil (2000a, 2000b and 2006) and Hidalgo (2002) although according to the latter, Ossius took possession of the palatium built by Maximian, while the former claims that the bishop built the complex himself from the second quarter of IV century.
The book here links the Maximian interpretation of the Dionysian "divine powers" with the hesychast "participation in the divine energies".
Saint Hermes, converted to Christianity through the intervention of Pope Alexander, was baptized along with 1,250 of his people on Easter Day, and in Gregory's Dialogues, Maximian of Syracuse baptizes a girl on Holy Saturday.
The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus--Malchus, along with Maximian, Martinian, Dionysius, John, Serapion, and Constantine--were honored as saints for centuries.
The chronicler Braitmichel also relied on Eusebius ("the historian of old of the early church") in his general account of the "tenth and most intense persecution" of the Christians under Diocletian and Maximian.
Rotrou's first act, which takes as its subject the engagement of Diocletian's daughter Valerie to Maximin (Galerius Maximian, 305-11), conqueror of the East, with whom Diocletian has chosen to share the title of emperor, approaches the theatrical nature of kingship through allusion to Maximin's origins as a shepherd.
Some involve major historical figures, such as Maximian, the first archbishop of Ravenna, and Ennodius, bishop of Pavia.
He said an emotional farewell to his soldiers and formally divested himself of his imperial purple cloak in an abdication ceremony at Nicomedia and Maximian reluctantly resigned the same day in Milan.
88-133 Maximian Hercules (295/6), mint of Heraclea (Williams and Zervos 1989, no.
Some of the basilica's mosaics represent scenes from the Old Testament, while the Museo also boasts the magnificent 6th-century ivory throne of St Maximian.
When they refused, they and their commander Mauritius were murdered on the order of Emperor Maximian.
Realizing that the task of keeping invaders and rebels at bay was too big for one man, he chose a deputy, his friend Maximian, and gave him the title of emperor and the western half of the empire, with a separate army and administration.
It is likely enough that after Marcellinus' fate there was an interval, while the persecution actively continued, before the selection of Marcellus; and it is also likely, though not certain, that nothing was done until after the abdication of Diocletian and Maximian on 1 May 305.
tends to a rather hasty Palamite reading of Maximian vocabulary.