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British philologist (born in Germany) who specialized in Sanskrit (1823-1900)

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Among them are Friedrich Max Muller and the annunciation of a new science, Andrew Lang's anti-positivist critique, the orthodoxy monumentalized by James.
According to Max Muller (1823 - 1900), a key figure in the scholarly study of the world's faiths and someone well aware of how religion can be a source of inspiration or terror, 'To learn to understand one another is the great art of life'.
In his discussion of this final point O Conchubhair politely but firmly ushers An tAthair Peadar Ua Laoghaire off the podium where he has long stood as the triumphant champion of caint na ndaoine, replacing him with the German philologist Max Muller, whose influence on both his professional colleagues and the general public, including Irish-language activists, O Conchubhair convincingly establishes.
Germany captain Max Muller said the penalty corners proved to be the decisive factor.
After a lengthy discussion of an exchange on Buddhism in 1893 between two Victorian Englishmen, Max Muller, an Orientalist, and A.
As the author notes about his philosophy "this article is itself the summary of 118 volumes of work purely dealing with in-depth study of (the works of) Socrates Fermat Plato Pythagoras Thales Anaximander Aristotle Copernicus Campanella Berkeley Karl Marx David Hume John Locke Avogadro Newton Rousseau Descartes Freud Dostoevsky Einstein Goethe Max Muller Keynes Ptolemy.
When the first fascicle of the Worterbuch was printed in 1853, Roth received twelve copies, one of which he was supposed to send to Max Muller "with whom I have no connection whatever" (p.
An important player in my story is Friedrich Max Muller (1823-1900), the German philologist and Orientalist who is credited with virtually creating the discipline of comparative religion.
Das schlechteste Zeugnis erhalt uberraschenderweise Max Muller, Oxford, nicht allein von B.
The editors also give vital background material on the debates of Tolkien's day, represented in the essay by "the major opponents in the mythology wars" (21), Andrew Lang and Max Muller.
Australia nearly equalised in the 24th minute when Grant Schubert dribbled round Germany goalkeeper Christian Schulte and sent in a reverse hit but defender Max Muller blocked the ball.
This is reminiscent of Max Muller (1861) flatly asserting, "The better, the shorter, the easier forms are constantly gaining the upper hand.
The author helps us understand Legge's long association with Max Muller, editor of The Sacred Books of the East (a work of 49 volumes by 20 scholars, and taking 32 years in production-1878-1910).
The unreliability and opacity of language was thus fully recognized by Victorian thinkers, who followed the concern of linguistic scientists such as Richard Trench and Max Muller with the fallibility of words for the communication of meaning.
Even Hegel and Max Muller thought that the real India existed only in the past, which emphasized what can be termed as a regressive view of Indian history, when it was thought that India's present had lost its contemporaneity for the West, so that whereas Europe carried on with its onward march of progress, modernity, and rationality, India was doomed to a past, however glorious -- a view sought to be buttressed by the cyclic conception of time in the Indian tradition.