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English writer and caricaturist (1872-1956)

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Max Beerbohm, Max Beerbohm's Letters to Reggie Turner, ed.
Max Beerbohm wrote: "No artist of our time deserved immortality as well as he.
In his study of Max Beerbohm (1972), John Felstiner observed that cosmetics had been condemned by satirists, from Juvenal to Pope, as a frivolous artifice suitable for the demimonde of actresses and whores, dandies and sexual deviants.
Relying on multiple genres of texts starting in the eighteenth century and moving into the twentieth and referencing those authors who are familiar (Austen, Burney, James, Fitzgerald, Nabokov) as well as those who deserve to be remembered (Daisy Ashford, Max Beerbohm, Francoise Sagan, Winfred Watson), Hammill persuasively argues for the manner in which "sophistication connects unexpected groups of texts together, and can form the basis for a reading practice which transcends categories of genre, nation, and language, and crosses boundaries between high and low, literary and commercial, serious and frivolous" (22).
The Ptolemies remind me of a question posed pertinently by Max Beerbohm, referring to a different Greek family: "They were a tense and peculiar family, the Oedipuses, weren't they?
There were opportunities for drawing caricatures of fellow members, including Max Beerbohm, and for interacting with musical friends Duncan Tovey and Joseph Holbrooke.
Part 2 of the book describes Chesterton's growing years of fame: the early journalism and the remarkably sudden emergence as a celebrity caricatured by Max Beerbohm, debating with Bernard Shaw and meeting Joseph Conrad and Henry James, Winston Churchill and Lloyd George.
Indeed, such was his impact that he influenced generations of caricaturists who followed him, from John Tenniel and Max Beerbohm to Peter Fluck and Roger Law, creators of Spitting Image.
In the first category you have Henry James, Oscar Wilde, Max Beerbohm, Ronald Firbank, Marcel Proust, E.
One man who found an answer to it, whose life spanned the period from Victorian high achievement to shortly before the dawn of the telecommunications revolution, was the essayist and caricaturist, Sir Max Beerbohm.
It is quite another to summon up Max Beerbohm, recalling one of the qualities which made the English critic Desmond McCarthy such a popular conversationalist: "He was a great user of that beguiling phrase, 'And tell me.
De vuelta de ese viaje extraordinario, un irritado soames cuenta al narrador que, en efecto, su nombre pasara a la posteridad, pero solo como personaje de ficcion de un cuento escrito precisamente por Max Beerbohm.
Yet in another way, the central figure in this book is London, and Brooker distinguishes between the Kensington in which Pound was to live, and the cafes around the British Museum, and the Cafe Royal in Piccadilly, the haunt of Whistler and Wilde, Arthur Symons, Verlaine, Shaw, Arthur Ransome, and Max Beerbohm.
Like some others, for example, John Gray, Max Beerbohm, Symons, Ella D'Arcy, Netta Syrett, M.
Esta era la ambicion de Max Beerbohm, escritor ingles, que al parodiar tanto y tan bien a Henry James, consiguio que el meticuloso novelista americano que queria pasar por ingles, al preguntarle un periodista por su estilo, no echo mano a su estilografica sino que respondio sin malicia en el pais de la maravilla: "