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French writer best known for his biographies (1885-1967)

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Los primeros numeros de cada color fueron: La rebelion de las masas de Ortega y Gasset (verde), Disraeli de Maurois (naranja), Rimas y leyendas de Becquer (violeta), el anonimo Poema del Cid (gris), La isla del tesoro de Stevenson (rojo), Rosario al sol de Francis James (azul), Nueva York de Paul Morand (negro) y El cristianismo y el problema del comunismo de Berdiaeff (amarillo).
Anales trajo ya a varios literatos de nota, entre ellos Maurois, y sus conferencias en los teatros de Buenos Aires han sido generalmente un exito.
During her exile in Paris she was invited to the highest circles of the aristocratic and literary salons, where she met Marcel Proust or Andre Maurois.
una fuerza que cuando descansa en una voluntad firme y confiada no la destruye ni la guerra, ni el destierro, ni la soledad, tal es el caso de los matrimonios de Carlos de Austria y Zita de Borbon-Parma (1911) o de Andre Maurois y Jeanne-Marie de Szymkiewcz (1912).
Chesterton, Andre Maurois, Hilaire Belloc, and Winston Churchill each wrote a chapter that focused on a familiar historical episode (such as John Wilkes Booth's assassination of Abraham Lincoln in Ford's Theater, and the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo) and engaged in the interesting exercise of writing history in the subjunctive, in all its details and consequences, as if the opposite had in fact happened (that is, that Lincoln had not be assassinated, that Napoleon had escaped to America, and so on).
in Maurois 130), the Comedie humaine makes it clear that he eyed with suspicion the rough-and-tumble, proletarian types Napoleon's meritocracy had elevated to prominence.
lt;< L'une des qualites necessaires au roman >> affirme Andre Maurois.
In the prefaceqetter dedicated to Andre Maurois, dated 10 January 1926, he draws a pleasant picture: "A few trips across the channel did not seem to me to be enough to know them.
En las primeras paginas confiesa la autora su admiracion por aquellos biografos que han logrado el ideal de Andre Maurois de reflejar conjuntamente la vida y la epoca de un personaje.
Among the newly discovered writers, the most popular were Pierre Loti, Romain Rolland, Honore de Balzac, Alphonse Daudet, Andre Maurois, Maurice Leblanc, Claude Farrcre, Gustave Flaubert, Henri Barbusse, George Sand and Voltaire.
It took the outbreak of war in 1939 and the subsequent Occupation for memoirs to be restored to their full function: those who had previously disdained them round themselves drawn, if not always successfully, back to the genre (Mauriac, Romain Rolland, Blaise Cendrars, Bernanos, Maurois, and Drieu la Rochelle); after the Occupation, the publication of the memoirs of Malraux and Simone de Beauvoir, as well as those of de Gaulle, served to demonstrate both the necessity and the value of this form of writing.
It was called Ariel: A Shelley Romance by Andre Maurois, and dated from 1935.
They were by Agatha Christie (The Mysterious Affair at Styles), Susan Ertz, Ernest Hemingway (A Farewell to Arms), Eric Linklater, Compton Mackenzie, Andre Maurois (Ariel), Beverley Nichols, Dorothy L.