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the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands

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Todays announcement is long overdue for our veterans on Maui and Kauai, said Senator Hirono.
The event organizer from Earth YP stated, "If you're business owner or an entrepreneur and you're interested in growing your business and your team, then don't miss out this 16th Annual Maui Asset Protection and Wealth Conference.
Her two grown up kids, Gardner and Noelle, were born in Maui.
In an interview with The Washington Post , Marie Alohalani Brown, a professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa's department of religion who is part Hawaiian, said that, in Hawaiian mythology, Maui isn't seen as a "god" in the Judeo-Christian sense.
Though the attack happened far from shore, the state advised the public to stay out of the water a mile north and a mile south of Makena State Recreation Area in southwest Maui.
According to Maui News, Maui County spokesman Rod Antone said the beaches would remain closed while they investigate the situation.
Rahumathullah has put a lot of effort in creating a sizeable market for Maui Jim in India.
This is a tremendous opportunity for consumers throughout the country to get a taste of Hawaii," said Howard Nager, Maui Pineapple's v.
19 Georgia Tech 88-73 Wednesday at the Lahaina Civic Center to win its first Maui Invitational title.
Frustrated by the lack of action, a small group of Maui residents formed the group Pump Don't Dump (PDD) in 2004.
Quest Commercial announced an exclusive agreement with Maui Wowi Fresh Hawaiian Blends, the fastest-growing national franchiser of Hawaiian-blend coffees and espresso beverages and gourmet smoothies.
Tour provider Hawaiian Vacations announced it will offer nonstop flights direct from Fairbanks to Maui and from Anchorage to Maui this winter.
This paper reports a case study of 13 college students engaging in a role-play activity of a Maui legend in the synchronous web-based virtual reality environment.
KAHULUI, Hawaii -- The transformation of Maui Community College into the University of Hawaii-Maui is expected to be completed by the fall of 2003 or the fall of 2004, at the latest.