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English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965)

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Clearly alluding to Conrad's novel, Maugham gives his main character the very same name as the narrator of Victory, the kindly ship's captain who periodically visits Heyst's island and discovers the tragic deaths at the end of the book.
Maugham said of Guy de Maupassant, an idol and model, that he had "a gift for telling a story clearly, straightforwardly and effectively.
As this book lavishly illustrates, Mrs Maugham rapidly evolved schemes utilising colour and pattern in seductive ways and became a consummate artist in combining the antique with the modern, drawing her inspiration from many sources to create interiors as backdrops for the lives of the elegant and perceptive rich on both sides of the Atlantic.
If this were not enough, Maugham was an innovator in two genres: spy fiction (Ashenden: or The British Agent) and travel writing (The Gentleman in the Parlour, On a Chinese Screen).
In the literary context, it has been problematic to place Maugham in terms of his achievement as a writer.
Se puede creer, pues, que el episodio de la multiplicacion es una fantasia dotada con un sentido de la comedia, hasta que se lee la siguiente nota del diario del autor, que alude a este cuento predilecto: "Cuandoviaje, en 1949, entre Nueva York y Southampton, en el Queen Mary, viajaban en ese barco Somerset Maugham y una o dos personas identicas a el.
AEAE Maugham, who was just the opposite of Woolf - younger in years, but older, more worn and tired in the face - offered me his hand.
The former Gold Blend advert star Sharon Maugham really is going to need a hot coffee after running naked through a forest to flee kidnappers.
London, August 30 (ANI): English novelist Somerset Maugham has been exposed as an unkind father who inflicted cruelty on his daughter, Liza, in newly discovered tapes.
C J Stone, 23 Maugham Court, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4RR
Empires of the Indus has already won a Somerset Maugham award and the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Foundation Special Prize for Non-Fiction.
Somerset Maugham of one of his stories (which in turn became a classic Bette Davis movie in 1940), Teachout and Moravec's "opera noire" receives its premiere July 25-Aug 18 at Santa Fe Opera in a production directed by Jonathan Kent.
Somerset Maugham, a 1920s comedy in which the playwright takes an ironic, yet sympathetic view of marriage and the rights of women as they appeared in the years between the two World Wars.
Tercera version cinematografica de la novela homonima (publicada en 1925) del quasi gran novelista britanico Somerset Maugham, Al otro lado del mundo (The Painted Veil, China-EU.
Somerset Maugham, it has already been filmed twice before (in 1934 and, as "The Seventh Sin," in 1957).