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English writer (born in France) of novels and short stories (1874-1965)

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Commenting on the need for transparency in airport and airline charges, Maugham added: 'In the UK and around the world, the issue of complex charges is an area where far greater progress needs to be made to ensure better transparency and competition.
Clearly alluding to Conrad's novel, Maugham gives his main character the very same name as the narrator of Victory, the kindly ship's captain who periodically visits Heyst's island and discovers the tragic deaths at the end of the book.
As this book lavishly illustrates, Mrs Maugham rapidly evolved schemes utilising colour and pattern in seductive ways and became a consummate artist in combining the antique with the modern, drawing her inspiration from many sources to create interiors as backdrops for the lives of the elegant and perceptive rich on both sides of the Atlantic.
In the literary context, it has been problematic to place Maugham in terms of his achievement as a writer.
THE TOPIC: "I know just where I stand, in the very front row of the second rate," British author Somerset Maugham famously (and maybe a bit disingenuously) said of his reputation.
Behind Maugham she spotted Burns, still sulking, arms wrapped tightly around his dreary cloak.
London, August 30 (ANI): English novelist Somerset Maugham has been exposed as an unkind father who inflicted cruelty on his daughter, Liza, in newly discovered tapes.
C J Stone, 23 Maugham Court, Whitstable, Kent CT5 4RR
Empires of the Indus has already won a Somerset Maugham award and the Royal Society of Literature Jerwood Foundation Special Prize for Non-Fiction.
Somerset Maugham, a 1920s comedy in which the playwright takes an ironic, yet sympathetic view of marriage and the rights of women as they appeared in the years between the two World Wars.
Somerset Maugham, it has already been filmed twice before (in 1934 and, as "The Seventh Sin," in 1957).
ANY WOMAN who lives in the shadow of a powerful man and chafes at the fact that her own accomplishments, as impressive as they may be, will never measure up to his will relish the story of Syrie Maugham.
And then the years started flying by and we discovered ourself reading books by people with names like Hemingway, Verne, Steinbeck, Wells, Maugham, and others who could write so eloquently and movingly.
Britton examines the genres within the genres, especially those that rose and fell in response to the events of the time, beginning with such classics as foundational The 39 Steps and the loss of innocence in Maugham, Ambler and Greene.
Hugh Thomas has written numerous histories and won the Somerset Maugham Award for his survey The Spanish Civil War, so Rivers Of Gold is the perfect study for his talents, providing a lively and detailed, complex coverage suitable for college-level collections.