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Irish patriot and a founder of the Sinn Fein (1865-1953)


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The first phase was Yeats's pursuit of Maude Gonne.
In the summer of 1915, Yeats abandoned his pursuit of Maude Gonne and turned to her twenty-two-year-old daughter Iseult.
Olivia Shakespear and Maude Gonne qualify as both in "Friends," and George Yeats meets the standards of both friend and muse.
The broad ideological spectrum of women working in political and cultural movements included the feminine Ascendancy nationalism of Alice Milligan, the collaborative nationalism of Maude Gonne, the feminist nationalist trade unionism of Delia Larkin, and the militant socialist republicanism of Constance Markievicz.
Building on the quiet feminism of the Shah Van Vocht, the United Irishman also celebrated the activities of Inghinidhe na hEireann (Daughters of Ireland), Ireland's first nationalist organization for women, which Maude Gonne and other women activists founded in 1900.