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a member of the Athapaskan people living in northwestern California

the Athapaskan language spoken by the Mattole

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For more information, call the Mattole Forest Defenders at (5707) 441-3828, or visit the web site at www.
The headwaters of the Mattole begin among stands of ancient coastal redwood and flow through Douglas-fir/hardwood forests before emptying into the Pacific Ocean near Petrolia, California.
What links the Mattole and Anacostia is that restoration efforts are bringing people together to rebuild their watersheds and in the process revitalize their communities.
The Mattole and the Anacostia are among 13 restoration case studies documented earlier this year in the American Fisheries Society's Watershed Restoration: Principles and Practices,which we edited and authored.
Enhance access and resource protection on the Upper Mattole River Parkway by constructing seven miles of trail and restoring 224 acres of habitat.
Second biggest is a $59,328 project to improve fishery habitat on Mattole Canyon Creek in Humboldt County.
The Victorian village of Ferndale and the Rockefeller Forest's majestic redwood groves are the gateways to Mattole Road, a meandering 73-mile route that's an excellent detour for unhurried travelers on U.
Just south of town, you cross the Mattole River; turn right here on Lighthouse Road to follow the river 5 miles to its mouth, which marks the northern boundary of King Range National Conservation Area.
A spawning ground for steelhead and salmon, the Mattole offers excellent fishing after late-fall rains wash away the sandbar that blocks its mouth in summer.
Back on Mattole Road, you'll soon come to a glorious outlook above the deep valley.
Save-the-Redwoods League announced today at a press conference that they have negotiated the purchase of 1,075 acres of old growth and second growth forest and connecting lands in the Mattole River valley of Southern Humboldt County.
Four tributaries of the Mattole River, spawning grounds for threatened salmon and steelhead populations, flow through the Corridor and will be protected as a result of the project.
This unentered old growth douglas fir forest is an anchor of fish-bearing Squaw Creek which joins the Mattole River North of the Corridor project.
Seven creeks tributary to the Mattole River, spawning grounds for threatened salmon and steelhead populations, have their sources on Gilham Butte.