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French painter and sculptor

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M3 plans to make MATTISSE information available via the Internet, on street information kiosks, mobile phones and on interactive public telephones.
To help staff plan their journeys to work via public transport, the corporation has invested in MATTISSE, a real-time traffic and travel information system designed to highlight all available transport choices.
An agreement was signed by Cllr Stewart Stacey, chair of the West Midlands' transportation sub-committee, to supply information from the MATTISSE computerised system operating in the three areas.
AA Roadwatch is to include data gathered by M3's Mattisse traffic information system in its web and radio broadcast travel updates.
West Midlands authorities and Traffic Information Services have agreed to feed traffic reports into MATTISSE - the real-time information software that currently feeds traffic bulletins to motorists and rail passengers.
A picture of a high-tech future was painted by Steve George, leader of the Mattisse consortium of local authorities, which aims to use new technology to help reduce travel problems in the region.
In our own Birmingham Art Gallery, there's some great inspiration from the past collection of pre-Raphaelite art to post-modern and a quick spin down to London, the Tate Modern can inspire you with the Mattisse Picasso show.