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Semeniuk [30] on Matthiola incana plants showed that fertilizers had positive effectiveness on speed of germination.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--We used the dichotomous key in the most recent monograph of the genus Matthiola to tentatively identify our unknown plants as M.
Another flower found in almost all flower shops, and commonly spotted in perennial gardens, is stock, or Matthiola incana.
Night-flowering or scented species including nicotiana, Sedum spectabile and matthiola will benefit moths.
Marshalls (Joe Duffy, Jake McKettrick and Tom Patten) beat Matthiola 3-1.
There are lots of night scented plants such as Oenothera biennis (evening primrose), Nicotiana alata (tobacco plant), Lonicera perclymenum (honeysuckle) and Matthiola bicornis (nightscented stock), to attract the nocturnal insects.
There are many other cheap and cheerful annuals worth trying, including godetia, the night-scented stock, matthiola bicornis, love-in-the-mist nigella, the Iceland poppy and, of course, snapdragons.
You could also try night-scented stocks or matthiola that produce small pink flowers which have a clove scent that becomes more powerfully intense in the cooler night air.
Prescot Cables (Max Barton and Caleb Jones) drew 2-2 with Marshalls (Jake McKettrick and an own goal) and Bleak Hill Rovers surprised Matthiola, beating them 5-1.
3 Some good choices include Brachycome iberidifolia, Mimulus, Calendula, Agrostemma (corncockle) Matthiola, Cosmos (Cosmea), Salvia horminium, Nigella, Clarkia, Godetia, Lavatera trimestris, Helichrysum, some ornamental grass mixes such as bunny's ears, sunflowers, love-liesbleeding, sweetpeas, Nemophila, Gilia, Gypsophila, candytuft, poppies, Linara, Linum grandiflora and Limonthes douglasii.
Matthiola (matt-ee-OH-la) or stock is a spicily fragrant bedding plant that will delight the olfactory-oriented gardener.
Matthiola (Isaac Sharples, Luke Sutton and Charlie Tannant) beat Chelwood Spartans (Lewis Fearns) 3-1 and Prescot Cables thrashed Chelwood Rangers 8-0 thanks to a hat-trick from Daniel Kennedy, two from Luke Daly and one each from Jack Fillingham, Jack Van Aston and Adam Wright.
Isaac Sharples netted a hat-trick and Matthew Eastup and Luke Sutton scored as Matthiola beat Chelwood Tarways 5-3.
In the U14 Division Gateacre retained their 100% record after eight games with a 5-1 win over Matthiola thanks to two goals from Cole Fowlis and one apiece from Ian Dembelle, Salim Djabi and Luke Livingstone.