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British explorer who mapped the Australian coast (1774-1814)

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Interact founder members, from left, Tony Harmieson, B3 Architects; John Myers, E3 Consulting; Matthew Flinders, RMT Accountants & Business > Advisors Ltd; Kevan Carrick, JK Property Consultant; Paul Nixon, Henry Riley LLP and Martin Westgate, Robertson North of England
Matthew Flinders is a towering figure in Australian history--the first to chart our coastline and the leading champion for naming the country Australia.
William Matthew Flinders Petrie first went out to Egypt in 1880, aged twenty-seven, intending to make accurate measurements of the Great Pyramid, which had been the subject of a fanciful account by the Scottish Astonomer Royal.
In the world of the English and their Australian descendants, Captain Matthew Flinders is credited with having named Australia.
The other short-listed books are: Mussolini, by Richard Bosworth; The Life of Matthew Flinders, by Miriam Estensen; Broken Song, by Barry Hill; and James Stirling: Admiral and Founding Governor of Western Australia, by Pamela Statham-Drew, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.
Robert ServiceQuote of the day``We can't really demolish it until they finish building it'' - Ian Rankin on the Scottish Parliament buildingDaily countdown 200th: Day of the year 159: Days to Christmas DayDied on this day 1814: Matthew Flinders, English navigator and explorer of Australia.
Basically, the exhibit is the work of William Matthew Flinders Petrie - who was apparently the equivalent of the Victorian Indiana Jones.
James Cook and botanist Sir Joseph Banks, who hired artist Sydney Parkinson to draw their discoveries, including the first sighting of a kangaroo; Matthew Flinders, who charted the coastline of Australia along with botanist Robert Brown and artist Ferdinand Bauer, who used a paint-by-numbers technique to draw his exquisite sketches and color them in later; Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, who independently came up with proof for the theory of natural selection; and the Challenger expedition, which was the first government-funded study of oceanography.
Fran Butt--Teacher Librarian, Matthew Flinders Anglican College, Buderim
From left, RMT marketing manager Matthew Flinders and director Stephen Slater
This year's winner was Matthew Flinders, who performed an energetic routine to Queen hit Who Wants to Live Forever.
Minister Dickson said the Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) had been selected to operate the Yeppoon Active Recreation Centre (ARC) on Matthew Flinders Drive.
Ringmann's views also resonated three centuries later when Matthew Flinders wrote that he preferred Australia to Terra Australis because it is "more agreeable to the ear, and an assimilation to the names of the other great portions of the earth".
In 1797 Matthew Flinders was sent to rescue the survivors of Sydney Cove, which had run aground between an island named for saving their lives Preservation Island--and Rum Island where 7,000 gallons of the ships' cargo was stowed.
The book takes readers on a journey around the coast of Victoria and New South Wales to features named or described by James Cook, Matthew Flinders, George Bass and other early explorers.