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a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement


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However, this important mathematical discipline was not transmitted directly to the ignorant people of Medieval Europe's Dark Ages, who would have been further "left in the dark" without the help of Cordova's Arab mathematicians.
His study of a class of the numbers called surreal, showing their relevance to specific types of computation and game-playing, represents an outgrowth of the mathematical discipline of game theory.
Invented by 1stWorks Chief Scientist Ratko Tomic, Quantized Indexing is the first practical form of data compression to apply the mathematical discipline of enumerative combinatorics to entropy coding and modeling, delivering demonstrably superior performance in both efficiency and speed over the best arithmetic coder alternatives currently available.
For Peletier, music is the fundamental mathematical discipline, but needs astrology to disclose the full extent of natural harmony.
As a consequence, it opens the way to the use against the open problems of the discipline the many techniques, tools and invariants that were developed in these mathematical disciplines.
The mathematical disciplines associated with gambling are those of probability and statistics, and getting to grips with the basics.
Since ZF is a generally acknowledged theory and it is applied as a framework for mathematical disciplines used to describe (study) the real physical world, the natural (Cantorlike) character of the future set theory will permit to develop and investigate only natural models of real physical phenomena.
He first analyzes Alessandro Piccolomini's influential Commentarium de certitudine mathematicarum (1547), which denied the status of demonstrationes potissimae to mathematical proofs, but admitted the possibility of a scientia communis to all mathematical disciplines, and then presents the views of Francesco Barozzi, Petrus Ramus, Giacomo Zabarella, Benito Pereira, Adriaan van Roomen, and Giuseppe Biancani.
The formula v*w = ||v|| ||w||cos ([theta]) links the algebra of vector coordinates to the Euclidean geometry of lengths and angles, and consequently is a key formula in basic mathematics that enters into numerous mathematical disciplines, both pure and applied.
Being a member of this research group will allow Harangi to collaborate with researchers from various different mathematical disciplines.
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