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the materialistic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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So does Lestat's bite of Louis represent a materialist dialectics leading to eternal truth, ala Badiou (2005), reified in the immortality of the vampire?
I would argue that Renfs reading reflects a positive, materialist dialectic ala Badiou (2005), as "truth" (as witnessed by Harker) is understood as the sublated form of law and unrestrained desire.
Materialist dialectics have been resolutely preserved within certain traditions in natural science, as well as specific Marxian schools of thought, such as the one represented by this magazine.
Robinson and Wilson have produced an interesting article comparing soft systems methodology and materialist dialectics as meta-frameworks for reflecting upon the information environment, using as an example the Battle of Britain.
This indicates similarities and differences between two meta-frameworks: SSM and materialist dialectics.
The authors themselves acknowledge that their work reflects "the conflict between the materialist dialectics of our positive commitment and the mechanistic, reductionist, and positivist ideology that dominated our academic education and pervades our intellectual environment.