dialectical materialism

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the materialistic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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This is no mere exercise in reflection or criticism: Badiou has undertaken an innovative and largely successful rebuilding of philosophical thought along his own refiguring of the materialist dialectic.
In terms of heritage, the two with whom I am in dialogue are Deleuze and Lacan, who were on the extreme internal edge, the border between democratic materialism and the materialist dialectic I propose.
To situate the logic of appearance proper, what I want to know is whether the materialist dialectic and the logic are the same project, or whether they aren't, in fact, two distinct projects.
The complete process of materialist dialectic involves a sequence dominated by materialism, which is the logic of appearance, and then a sequence dominated by dialectic, which is the theory of the event and subjectivable bodies.
The materialist dialectics of Marx--"bullshit" (according the analytical Marxists with whom Brenner associated) --are replaced by the syllogistic and deductive logic of capitalist social relations in markets presumed rational.