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a box for holding matches

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The Match Box was premiered at the Liverpool Playhouse Studio in 2012 before transferring to the London stage.
The Match Box is the story of a woman's journey through forgiveness, revenge and redemption, after a family tragedy has far reaching consequences.
29 items including rice Basmati Broken, beard plain , mutton, milk fresh, curd, mustard oil, cooking oil, gram pulse washed, salt powered loose, cooked dal plate, tea prepared, cigarette, long cloth, electric charges, gas charges kerosene oil, washing soap, match box, petrol, diesel and bath soap lifebuoy.
IT'S proved a critical hit, and now The Match Box - the new Frank McGuinness play getting its world premiere at the Playhouse Studio - is being extended.
The central chairperson of the All Pakistan Leady Health Workers Association Bushra Arain also poured petrol on herself but leady police snatched petrol and match box from herself.
The items with no change in their average prices during the week under review included, rice (irri-6), bread plain (mid size), vegetable ghee (tin), cooking oil (tin), salt (powdered), tea (packet), tea (prepared), cooked dal, cigarettes, coarse latha, lawn, voil (printed), shirting, sandal (gents), sandal (ladies), chappal, firewood, match box, washing soap, bath soap, gas charges (up to 3.
Even an unusual metal match box holder from 1927 fetched pounds 135.
A row about engagements among the Yeldings had persuaded Harry to change his name to Sloan, the name of a liniment he had spotted on the back of a match box when lighting a cigar.
Teams: Attleborough Angling Centre and West Midlands Police, equal 44pts; MN Autos and Spa Match, equal 42; Clissetts, 41; Match Box, 39; Bait Box, 27.
These items are beef, mutton, curd, milk powered NIDO, cooking oil, salt powered loose, tea, cooked dal plate, tea prepared, long cloth, shirting, lawn, electric charges, kerosene oil, energy savor, washing soap, match box, petrol and diesel etc.
THE world premire of Frank McGuinness's new play, The Match Box, has become the hottest ticket in town.
The items with no change in their average prices during the week under review included bread (plain), milk (powdered), vegetable ghee (tin), cooking oil (tin), salt (powdered), tea (packet), cooked dal, cigarettes, sandal (gents), sandal (ladies), chappal, electricity bulb, match box, washing soap, gas charges (up to 3.
Gardai who examined the death scene found burnt matches, an empty match box, a non-working lighter and burnt pieces of paper.
Matchbox Cars,invented in the 1950s and named after the match box the cars were packed in,came sixth in the Top Ten Toy list.
They held a sponsored match box fill, a sponsored walk, and a snake and octopus trail.