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the principal bullfighter who is appointed to make the final passes and kill the bull

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Also the new tag team Los Matadores lived up to every Spanish stereotype imaginable in their match against the hicks that make up The Real Americans.
Porque a sociedade brasileira nos levou, foi uma das responsaveis pela Revolucao de 64, e hoje em dia a midia nao se cansa de nos jogar na cara que nos somos torturadores, que somos matadores, que somos isso, somos aquilo.
El mudo simulacro de la nada: en torno a Los matadores de hormigas y El Cristo de la Rue Jacob.
Dovel, the Matadores starter, was yanked after walking the next batter, and three more pitchers came to the mound, giving up six walks (two intentional).
PHOTO : In Spain, the Armada's Harriers are called Matadores.