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Dutch dancer who was executed by the French as a German spy in World War I (1876-1917)

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According to files recently released by the British intelligence agency M15, Mata Hari, the popular Dutch burlesque dancer, shrugged off questions about her long list of her lovers.
Even though the legend of Mata Hari as "the greatest woman spy of the century" (1) has been largely debunked by historians in recent years, the iconic erotic dancer who was executed by the French army for treason in the midst of World War I continues to symbolize a certain politicized brand of the femme fatale within the cultural imagination.
THE BRITISH family of the glamorous Russian accused of spying in the US yesterday insisted: "She's no Mata Hari.
In his fateful conversation with his Whitehall Mata Hari, Triesman was overheard ridiculing John Terry by sneering: "All his mates in Dagenham tell him 'you never done nothing wrong'.
And the victims all tell the same story: they're victims of a modern-day Mata Hari and a classic KGB-style "honey trap".
Mata Hari Absinthe may well be the most seductive 120-proof spirit you will ever taste.
With its impressive pedigree and a 127-year-old history, Absinthe Mata Hari is taking the U.
Mata Hari was one of the most well-known exotic dancers of all times, yet her true fame came after the accusations that she was spying for Germans during the First World War.
Moreover, Conor fails to take into account theorists like Camille Paglia who have argued that, from Cleopatra to Mata Hari and Marilyn Monroe, women's greatest power has lain in their sexuality, viewed in terms of their ability to utilize objectification to gain independence and power through controlling men.
Yatkin has long been intrigued by the legendary Mata Hari.
My first career ambition was to be a spy, more Casino Royale than Mata Hari, but then I also wanted to be a boy.
She also designed suits inspired by menswear and dressed the Who's Who of fashionable society, including Sarah Bernhardt, Irene Castle, Mata Hari and Queen Marie of Romania.
And thus the International Spy Museum--cheap theatre and ancient history, clipped British accents and umbrella pistols, Mata Hari and Mission: Impossible.
It pays tribute to the icons of the genre, including Mae West, Charlie Chaplin, Mata Hari, the French cancan, Lili St.
One of the Latin-American movie stars, Ramon Novarro is best known for his lead in the 1925 silent classic Ben-Hur, for his role opposite Greta Garbo in Mata Hari six years later, and for his murder by male hustlers in 1968.