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Dutch dancer who was executed by the French as a German spy in World War I (1876-1917)

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Hans Groeneweg, curator of the Friesland Museum in Mata's home town of Leeuwarden, Holland, says: "There is no doubt Mata Hari enjoyed having so many men and living in luxury, spending money on jewellery and fine clothing.
Mata Hari le gustaba leer libros romanticos, imitaba las descripciones de los personajes femeninos, se paraba frente a un espejo a ensayar las miradas con efecto de lejania, los movimientos de las manos con cierta delicadeza, su andar con pasos cortos.
According to files recently released by the British intelligence agency M15, Mata Hari, the popular Dutch burlesque dancer, shrugged off questions about her long list of her lovers.
Nylon Fusion is also presenting a pairing of world premiere plays by Don Nigro: Mata Hari and Marina, starring Tatyana Kot and Curtis James Nielsen directed by artistic director Ivette Dumeng.
Placed in the tenuous position of the mythologized Mata Hari sex-spy, both Alicia Huberman (Ingrid Bergman) and Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) are forced to negotiate a complex web of seduction, deception, romance, and duty.
to Chapter 5: "On Second Thought Betrayal," readers will encounter such big names as Mata Hari and General Napoleon as well as the lesser known "Acoustic Kitty" (a real cat) of Cold War-era fame.
Julie Wheelwright is the author of The Fatal Lover: Mata Hari and the Myth of Women in Espionage (Collins & Brown, 1992).
The FBI has just discovered (sic) a beautiful 21st century Mata Hari, one very capable networker of Russian origin who with others has been on the US social scene for years, yet her father was a well-known former member of the KGB.
THE BRITISH family of the glamorous Russian accused of spying in the US yesterday insisted: "She's no Mata Hari.
In his fateful conversation with his Whitehall Mata Hari, Triesman was overheard ridiculing John Terry by sneering: "All his mates in Dagenham tell him 'you never done nothing wrong'.
And the victims all tell the same story: they're victims of a modern-day Mata Hari and a classic KGB-style "honey trap".
More urgently, as a fiction writer and aspiring historical novelist, reading The Air We Breathe as well as Yannick Murphy's Signed, Mata Hari was my self-assigned homework.
Mata Hari was one of the most well-known exotic dancers of all times, yet her true fame came after the accusations that she was spying for Germans during the First World War.
Moreover, Conor fails to take into account theorists like Camille Paglia who have argued that, from Cleopatra to Mata Hari and Marilyn Monroe, women's greatest power has lain in their sexuality, viewed in terms of their ability to utilize objectification to gain independence and power through controlling men.
Yatkin has long been intrigued by the legendary Mata Hari.