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the production of large quantities of a standardized article (often using assembly line techniques)

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In some cases, compounding can even be used to formulate medications that are no longer readily available or mass produced.
Furthermore, in handmade items, the consumer can request that the craftsman respect a certain set of specifications and customize the cane, so to speak, whereas this option does not exist with mass produced items.
Among automakers, BMW may be the farthest along in making mass produced CFP components a reality.
Boldly coloured pottery by Clarice Cliff was sold very cheaply in Woolworths, Rene Lalique's factory made glassware in the thousands, Doulton & Co and Wedgwood mass produced porcelain figurines, industrially moulded Bakelite radios were manufactured in huge quantities.
PIONEER: Designer Robert Newman is hoping his trolley-cum-backpack is in line to be mass produced
The PlasmaSync 61MP1 is anticipated to be the first plasma monitor with a 60+" screen size to be mass produced and delivered to the North American market in quantity.
But long before they were mass produced, people were using whatever they could to get around on the course.
Drawing on Frankfurt School theories that claim that a false consciousness pervades mass produced images, Hansen tells us that the "myth" of mobility and success idealized in Hollywood films did not exist.
Each system is customized to customer specifications but mass produced on a single assembly line from standard components.
A123Systems, developer of a new generation of nanophosphate based batteries, today announced it is developing high voltage battery modules for use in a commercial-grade fuel cell hybrid powertrain, using its mass produced nanophosphate based cell technology.