mass murder

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the savage and excessive killing of many people

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), have given their positions on the mass murder and rampaging killing spree being carried out by herdsmen across the Middle Belt and southern parts of the country.
accusations about "a crematorium" used by the Syrian government at Sednaya prison to cover up mass murders as "a new Hollywood story" that is dissociated from reality and "fundamentally untrue", referring also to the old accusations repeatedly brought up on the alleged use of "barrel bombs" and "chemical weapons".
Two requirements dyan eh-genocide at tsaka mass murder.
Film and television rights of Mass Murder in America have already been optioned to Apple Road Films, LLC for development and production.
According to Justalero, the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt the guilt of the two accused in the mass murder case.
The failure of soldiers and officers to mention the mass murders of Jews in their letters and diaries in large measure reflected the fact that, in conditions of a cruel and bloody war with an enormous number of victims-- including civilians--these murders were often regarded as a peripheral phenomenon.
Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur are just four reminders of how difficult that task is, how mass murders and ethnic cleansing are not confined to the past.
They do not attest to whether mass murders occurred, but they illustrate Armenians' lives decades ago under Ottoman rule and later under the rule of the Soviet Union.
The perpetrators of these indefensible mass murders are the enemies of ordinary people of all faiths and none.
Mass murders of the innocent with full auto assault rifles.
In many cases government just systematically disarmed those to be murdered (under the guise of disarming everyone) and then stood by while private groups it sponsored carried out the mass murders with knives and agricultural implements.
His prolific list of mass murders, perpetrators, detailed descriptions of "ethnic cleansing" and "psychosexual destruction" (modern euphenisms for mass rape, murder, evisceration and other acts of unspeakable brutality performed in front of victims' spouses and children) supports his thesis that the world has become a cornucopia of mass hate.
The debit side of the ledger is heavy with mass murders and inhuman tortures, with blasphemy and treason and felonies and cruelties, so despicable in degree and so widespread in practice as to prompt a feeling of despair.
We have already acknowledged at least one praiseworthy consequence that can be attributed, in part, to the critique: the banishing of negative stereotyping and tendentious demonizing from coverage and discussion of the mass murders in New York and Washington.
But fire chiefs have now discovered he is serving 28 years for one of Australia's worst mass murders.