mass murder

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the savage and excessive killing of many people

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The evil imagery was discovered on the day that Israel chooses to mark the Holocaust, the mass murder of Jews directed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.
For many of the Armenian claimants, the personal documents are a reminder of organized mass murder that the governments of the United States and Turkey have not acknowledged.
Bush, to distinguish between the "true" Islam of peace, as they often characterized it, and any variant that could justify and celebrate acts of mass murder.
Photos of the mass murders are almost nonexistent: their execution was so secretive, so vast, so efficient, so horrendous, that hardly anyone was left to tell the story.
There is no mention of mass murders in the Soviet Union, China, Bosnia, et cetera, and, thus, no comparisons.
Since the peace talks began, and especially once they ended (with, by the way, none of the usual congrats for the President), the coverage of Bosnia shifted from mass murders and raped women to "our boys," and Clinton is finding that the same press that served as cheerleader for the government and press agent for the U.
The domestic mass murders of the early republic took place in a period of profound transition in the history of the American family.
Loo at Time-Life Books' current "True Crime" series: a publisher once known for texts like The Art of Woodworking, Lost Civilizations, and Home Repair and Improvement now brings us Serial Killers, Mass Murders, and Compulsion to Kill.
Irving declared that Hitler had never ordered the mass murder of the Jews and that, apart from Jews being shot or used as slaves, there were no gas chambers--and therefore no mass murders.
The terrorists are not soldiers they are mass murders and ought to be treated as such and should receive life when caught or the death penalty.
The perpetrators of the mass murders in Madrid are fanatics, hell-bent on the destruction of human life.
The use of slave labor to dig mass graves is hauntingly reminiscent of how the Nazis forced Jews and others to dig graves, help burn bodies and otherwise help try to cover up the evidence of mass murders during World War II.
Politicians and activists use mass murders, assassinations, and other sensational acts of violence to build support for gun-control measures and generate an atmosphere of hysteria that discourages critical reflection.
The news announced more mass murders at restaurants and other public places.
It's starting to have more resemblance to the Nazi Holocaust as people are being transported and dying on trains that are packed with people, reports of mass murders,'' said Portney, a psychiatry professor at UCLA.