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the transfer of heat through a fluid (liquid or gas) caused by molecular motion

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(meteorology) the vertical movement of heat or other properties by massive motion within the atmosphere

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The Gas Select firmware comes standard on all Alicat mass flow meters and controllers.
2010) developed models to estimate the water mass flow rate leaving a pump using other measurements available at the pump such as the pump speed, the motor power and pump characteristic data.
When completed, the facility will give the local maritime industry a head start in allowing locally-calibrated bunker mass flow meters (MFM) to have a direct traceability to the standard mass, which is the kilogram in the International System of Units (SI units).
Unlike other mass flow controllers, the GF135 features "smarter" functionality with advanced zero drift and valve leak-by diagnostics.
In addition, the use of mass flow meters at the point of compressed gas output helps to ensure peak performance at a given flow rate.
Considering the circumstance that the ash mass flow from the SH-RH (E) is directed to the bottom ash silo, a specially prepared valve was installed on the ash tube under the convective cage to determine the ash mass flow rate from SH-RH (E).
The theoretical models for predicting the refrigerant mass flow rates in short tube orifices are quite limited.
The Innova-Mass Model 240 and Model 241 measure five process variables - mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, pressure and density - through one process connection.
Effect of mass flow rate at the main inlet (velocities).
The temperature difference is measured, which is directly proportional to mass flow From this reading, a variety of outputs can be provided, including simple level/flow switching, multi-point level and gas mass flow.
Recession-strapped medical device and medical supply manufacturers with applications requiring high speed leak testing of parts (from several cubic centimeters to several liter volumes) can now integrate leak testing into test-intensive assembly operations with unprecedented ease with the new InterTech M-1075-Y Mass Flow Leak Detectors InterTech M-1075-Y Mass Flow Leak Detector ease of communication features and benefits include:
The K-Tron package offers an integrated feeder and control solution with mass flow or weight per length control, allowing the processor to set the extruder speed from the K-Tron interface.
The Bulkflow heat exchanger heats or cools powders and bulk solids and combines the two sciences of indirect heat transfer and mass flow of bulk solids.
Meanwhile, Horiba's existing production plant underwent renovation this month to triple the size of its clean room, to support increased production of sensors for mass flow controllers (gas and liquid supply regulators for the semiconductor manufacturing system).