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a scholar who is expert on the Masorah (especially one of the Jewish scribes who contributed to the Masorah)

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It is a study of the transmission of the Old Testament text by the Masoretes (A.
While it is almost, if not quite certain, that the Name was originally pronounced 'Yahweh', this pronunciation was not indicated when the Masoretes added vowel signs to the consonantal Hebrew text.
The masoretes maintain that the psalmist raises his question to the Lord, who then responds.
Therefore many of the practices to which the Masoretes resorted in order to deal with a theologically offensive yet inviolate biblical text do not come into question in Hatti.
It was written by the greatest of the Masoretes, Asher ben Asher.
This function of text editing, however, only begins in the Hellenistic period and continues to develop with considerable refinement in the work of the soferim and the later Masoretes.
Alas, the Masoretes destroyed this mystical aspect of the text (p.
But is there any evidence that the Masoretes made a distinction between sublinear and supralinear accents?