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a vast body of textual criticism of the Hebrew Scriptures including notes on features of writing and on the occurrence of certain words and on variant sources and instructions for pronunciation and other comments that were written between AD 600 and 900 by Jewish scribes in the margins or at the end of texts


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For over three decades, he has published major studies on this manuscript in particular and on the Masora in general.
13 Yehuda Leb Gerst, Yidishkeytun Veltishkeyt (Lodz: Masora, 1938); "Ha'masoret shel Sinat Israel.
Tenders are invited for Supply material at masora ta.
Torah Nevi'im u-Khetuvim]: Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia: Prepared according to the Vocalization, Accents, and Masora of Aaron Ben Moses Ben Asher in the Leningrad Codex.
Tenders are invited for Extension of 33 KV line from 132/33 KV S/s Masora to 33/11kv S/s Pharasgaon under O&M Kondagaon For CSD Kondagaon under ST: RE Dn.