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Synonyms for lentil

round flat seed of the lentil plant used for food

the fruit or seed of a lentil plant

widely cultivated Eurasian annual herb grown for its edible flattened seeds that are cooked like peas and also ground into meal and for its leafy stalks that are used as fodder

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Two years ago, masoor dal was available for Rs 47 a kg.
Karachi Wholesale Prices (Rupees) January February (%age) ITEMS 31, 2003 28, 2003 Change GRAINS: Wheat - New Jutbar (100 kg) 925 -- -- Basmati Super (100 kg) 2,750/2,850 2,750/2,850 -- Masoor Dal Imported (100 kg) 2,600/2,700 2,600/2,700 -- Gram Euthopia (100 kg) 1,650/1,700 1,700/1,750 3.
HAVING grown up on kashundi with the watery, coriander- spiked masoor dal without which no Bengali meal is complete, I've held mustard from anywhere else in contempt.
The prices of basmati and masoor dal imported also rose because of demand from dealers and pressure on ready supplies.
The expanded portfolio of NuPro pulses now includes Chana Dal, Moong Dal, Masoor Dal and Urad Dal in addition to the popular Tur Dal that was launched last year.
25 ( wholesale) and Rs 24 ( retail) for onions, Rs 98 and Rs 113 for groundnut oil, Rs 52 and Rs 64 for masoor dal, and Rs 63 and Rs 74 for urad dal.