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Synonyms for lentil

round flat seed of the lentil plant used for food

the fruit or seed of a lentil plant

widely cultivated Eurasian annual herb grown for its edible flattened seeds that are cooked like peas and also ground into meal and for its leafy stalks that are used as fodder

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Genotypes NL 20-3-3, Masoor 2002, NL 9775, NARC11-2 ILL5888 were present farthest away from the biplot origin showing better performance with reference to other genotypes under S0mM.
In the year- ago period, tur and urad were available in these two metro at '68- '73/ kg, moong at '85- '92/ kg, masoor at '60- '70/ kg and gram at '44- '49/ kg, the data showed.
9/-- Masoor Dal Imported (100 kg) 2,500/2,700 2,600/2,700 4.
Table 3: Simulated and observed values of Masoor cultivars at different nitrogen rates under ecological condition of Faisalabad using CROPGRO-chickpea model evaluation
In the Going Native range are: Chicken Shorba, Daal Palak, Masoor Daal, Sambhar, Sweetcorn with Vegetables, and Tom Yum Het.
Farmers have been advised to use healthy and pure seed to get good yield of pulses and the recommended varieties include Masoor 93, Nayyab Masoor 2002, Nayyab Masoor 2006, Punjab Masoor 2009, Chakwal Masoor and Markaz 2009.
It also asked MMTC to order import of 2500 Masoor against its already contracted quantity.
Officials of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research say that black gram and chickpeas claim the biggest share in overall output of pulses, followed by Moong, Mash and Masoor.
The ration packets contained household consumables as per the monthly requirement of an average family & included flour, ghee, sugar, tea, rice, gram pulse, dal moong, dal masoor, gram flour, chickpea, mutton & other basic necessities.
The week ending on 20-03-2014, witnessed decrease in prices of Egg, Gram Pulse, Gur, Masoor Pulse, Firewood, Masoor Pulse and Red Chillies over last week, while the items recorded increase in their prices are Tomatoes, Potatoes, Bananas, Onions, L.
The prices of wheat and basmati inched up while those of masoor dal and gram imported slumped.
Similarly, the prices of Daal Masoor Rs 74-130/kg, Daal Mong at Rs 70/kg, meat at Rs 620/kg and beef at Rs 320/kg would be sold in the open market.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Dal Chana, Dal Masoor Whole, Dal Masoor Crushed, Dal Urd Dhuli, Dal Moong Crushed, Dal Moong Dhuli, Dal Kabuli Chana, Dal Peas Dried
The past fiscal year showed a marked decline in the production of several food crops, including wheat, gram, bajra, tobacco, jawar and barley, chilies, onion, Masoor and Mash, due to which the growth rate of the agriculture sector (3.
According to an official release the price of rice (karnal Katchi Basmati) was fixed at Rs 105 per kilogram, rice (Pakki Basmati) Rs 105/kg, rice Irri-6 Rs 36/kg, Pulse Masoor with crust Rs 60 per kg, Masoor thin Rs 115/kg, Masoor thick Rs 64/kg, Pulse Moong (washed) Rs 78/kg, Pulse gram thin Rs 90/kg, gram thick Rs 95/kg, Pulse Mash thick Rs 144/kg, Mash thin Rs 140/kg, Gram white thin Rs 128/kg, Gram white thick Rs 180/kg, Red chili Rs 180/kg, Fine flour Rs 40/kg, gram flour Rs 95/kg, 100 gram Roti Rs 5 per piece, Nan Rs 7 per piece, milk Rs 65/kg, yogurt Rs 70 per kg, beef Rs 300/kg, mutton Rs 600/kg and ice Rs 10 /kg.