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Afghan leader of forces opposed to the Taliban

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During the course of proceedings, the chief justice refused to accept a verbal apology from Dr Shahid Masood for his allegations against the murderer of six-year-old Zainab in Kasur.
As per inquiry committee report all the claims made by Dr Shahid Masood have proved false and concocted.
During earlier hearings of the case, Masood had also told the court that the suspect has 37 foreign accounts.
Shahid Masood while it (SC) has had sought details from Dr.
Dr Masood appeared before a three-judge bench headed by the chief justice.
Masood Khan enjoys the confidence of AJK Assembly and AJK Council and in fact a wide political spectrum of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan.
Congress leader Nirmal Khatri on Saturday said that Imran Masood made these comments way back in December last year when Masood was with Samajwadi Party, and also termed such comments as undemocratic.
Masood will be disqualified as a Rajya Sabha MP and has been taken into custody.
However, according to the provisions, Masood is all set to lose his Rajya Sabha seat.
I wish Masood the best of luck in his new role and have 100% confidence that he will lead Yahsat to further success.
Masood is knocked out by the evil doctor after confronting him over plans to drag his ex-wife Zainab (Nina Waldia) off to Pakistan.
EASTENDERS BBC1 WEEKDAYS EASTENDERS' Masood could do with a break after the collapse of his business and revelations about his son.
Even though it was to plug new ITV1 sitcom Mumbai Calling, Hancock's friend had to get permission from the Beeb as Nitin spends most of his time playing Masood in EastEnders.
The offensive is focused on old Bagram road, 55 kilometers north of Kabul, and Mahmood Rauqi in Kapisa Province adjacent to Panjsher valley, the stronghold of guerrilla commander Ahmad Shah Masood, the report said.
Masood has 15 years of experience in the building and deployment of telecommunications billing, customer care, service order provisioning and operational support systems.