Mason-Dixon line

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the boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania

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In producing their own "Tale[s] about America" (7), colonists culturally map the space of this continent alongside the ongoing bureaucratic and administrative mapping, of which the Mason-Dixon Line is a prime example.
10 on the list, Michigan, that a state above the Mason-Dixon Line appears.
The most nefarious Christians in this world are Evangelical Protestants, most of whom live south of the Mason-Dixon line in the USA.
I hunt all around the country every year, and while I feel fairly confident at being able to recognize a mature buck anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line, I sometimes struggle in the Southeast and Texas, where a mature buck weighs about the same as a 2-year-old or even a very healthy yearling back home.
Write some contemporary country songs, talk some homespun trite, insist everybody needs more guns and the Republicans have you at every rally south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Not too likely below the Mason-Dixon Line at that point of the civil rights era, but small potatoes, I guess, compared to "American Affair's" whopper of a central conceit.
If only the Blues had a player named Dixon, we could recreate the Mason-Dixon Line.
Though he's popular in the Bible Belt, he's an afterthought in larger states north of the Mason-Dixon line.
After all, south of that famous Mason-Dixon line there remains a tendency to hire six words when four would do the job.
public high schools are below the Mason-Dixon line.
I'm trying to trace a song called The Mason-Dixon Line.
economics, and geographical differences, no one south of the Mason-Dixon Line ever imagined that the Confederacy could survive if slavery were ended.
African Americans continue to relocate to areas below the Mason-Dixon Line in search of a better quality of life and career opportunities," says Editor-At-Large Carolyn M.
Nowhere was the road towards emancipation from slavery as chaotic as in the US, where the risk of breaking up the Union into two bordering nations separated by the Mason-Dixon Line took a dramatic turn at the height of the crisis in the second half of the 19th century.
Written by Ray Mulesky, Thunder From a Clear Sky is the breathtaking true story of Confederate cavalry officer Adam "Stovepipe" Johnson, who led the first Confederate raid across the Mason-Dixon Line to seize the river-port community of Newburgh, Indiana during the American Civil War.