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a grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives

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Demonstrating this relationship, one case study of a transgendered biological male presenting as a female afflicted with a severe eating disorder documented a brief remission of symptomatology whilst briefly attempting to adopt a male identity, consciously endorsing masculine gender roles and reduced feminine gender roles (Surgenor & Fear, 1998).
These two issues illustrate how expectations of "appropriate" masculine gender identities influence both the directions these men take as they move into adulthood and the rationales they use to defend their life choices.
In addition, both men and women who reported highly masculine gender role self-attributions surpassed the performance of undifferentiated participants and feminine females.
male gender role strain, see Pleck, 1995; gender role conflict, see O'Neil, Good, & Holmes, 1995; masculine gender role stress, Eisler & Skidmore, 1987; womanist identity, see Ossana, Helms, & Leonard, 1992; feminist identity development--Bargad & Hyde, 1991; Fischer et al.
We investigated a long-theorized relationship between individual differences in masculine gender socialization and avoidance of vulnerable negative affect.
In the novels and plays written by authors such as John Osborne, Thomas Hinde, and Alan Sillitoe we find language being used as the primary way of expressing uncertainty concerning masculine gender roles and responsibilities, namely the confusion over how those roles and responsibilities should be defined.
Competitive sports convey strong messages about masculinity and femininity and have traditionally been viewed as a domain where men are encouraged to pursue a masculine gender role identity (Czima, Wittig, & Schurr, 1988; Miller & Levy, 1996; Nixon & Frey, 1996).
Speakers of the French language are still taught in school the grammatical rule that the masculine gender takes precedence over the feminine gender.
The cop, who has been serving in the police fore since 2010, took the decision to change her gender after she felt connected more with the masculine gender due to what she describes as hormonal imbalances.
c) The ISME-Physical Body would be positively related to masculine gender role stress associated with men's physical inadequacy (as measured by the Masculine Gender Role Stress Scale--Physical Inadequacy) given that both measures overlap in their focus on one's physical body.
Finally, responses to a measure of health risks (Health Risk Inventory) were found to be related to conformity to masculine gender roles (Mahalik, Lagan, & Morrison, 2006).
Before Leonarde revealed her name, she was most commonly referred to as l'esprit (spirit) which had a masculine gender.
To say that Mothrydho has constructed a masculine gender for herself is to say that she acts, within the textually constructed world of Beowulf, like a man.
Hyper-masculinity is an extreme form of masculine gender ideology comprised of four main components: toughness, violence, dangerousness and calloused attitudes toward women and sex.
The relationship between masculine gender role stress and body change was examined in 129 men, aged between 18 and 40 years (M = 24.