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a native or resident of Maryland

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With audit recommendations in hand, Marylanders can go to http://MCECloans.
The Marylander of the Year Award was established by the Baltimore Sun in 1987 and for 15 years honored the person who "contributed the most to Baltimore and Maryland and to the lives of our people.
In addition to Carson's work at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, this year's recipient of the Marylander of Distinction award is the founder of the Carson Scholars Fund, accomplished author and a recent recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, presented by President George W.
She is an effective and highly respected leader who will further enhance our ability to deliver timely and responsive taxpayer services, protect the security of our taxpayers and ensure that all Marylanders are paying their fair share.
The Daily Record also honors leading Marylanders through eight annual awards events: Maryland's Top 100 Women, Influential Marylanders, 20 in Their Twenties, VIP List, Most Admired CEOs, Innovator of the Year, Leadership in Law and Leading Women.
However, the manufacturer refuses to sell to Marylanders even though the gun is quite legal in our state.
The grant funds will be used to develop an innovative workforce development program and provide Marylanders with hands-on training and education through apprenticeships at partner companies.
Marylanders after the harsh cold and snowy winter were left with sky-high electric bills they just could not afford to pay.
Karin Quimby, deputy faith director of Marylanders for Marriage Equality, called the passage of same-sex marriage in three states--and the voters' rejection of a same-sex marriage ban in Minnesota--"a real tipping point" in the pursuit of equality.
Five months into a court order requiring the state to speed up delivery of food stamps and medical benefits to low-income residents, Department of Human Resources officials say more Marylanders are getting those services at a quicker pace.
The expansion will enable the college to train up to 200 low-income, unemployed or underemployed Marylanders for work in the growing field of energy efficiency.
9 million fewer packs of cigarettes sold in Maryland and $144 million additional dollars which have helped to fund health care for over 47,000 Marylanders.
Tests are prone to scoring errors, adds Susan Allison, coordinator of Marylanders Against High Stakes Testing.