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a native or resident of Maryland

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When his mother had taught him all she could, the 10-year-old boy was shipped off to France for further schooling, the only place where a Marylander could legally obtain a Catholic education.
Two months after its introduction, the Maryland Home Energy Loan Program (MHELP), which enables Marylander homeowners to access unsecured, low-cost, funds for efficiency upgrades, has cleared its first $100,000 in loan commitments.
Department of Commerce, will speak at its 2008 Marylander of Distinction event, honoring Benjamin S.
His important and dedicated work on the Judicial Proceedings and Ethics Committees will not be soon forgotten, nor will his steadfast advocacy on behalf of rural Marylanders and our veterans.
Sixty-one percent of 00 Marylanders surveyed in the poll conducted Feb.
Governor Hogan goes on to say, "Now with our new inMD platform Marylanders will have a one stop shop for internships in areas including life science, cyber and manufacturing.
This bibliography lists and annotates sources about Maryland or by Marylanders during the Civil War, including impressions and observations during the war by individuals not native to the state, as well as sources about Maryland participants in LincolnAEs assassination and BoothAEs escape through the state.
According to a news release from Mikulski's office, the United States Department of Energy has offered millions of dollars to private partners through its SuperTruck program, one of several projects intended to increase energy security and job opportunities for Marylanders and Americans
LARRY HOGAN: During my campaign for governor, I stayed focused on the issues that most Marylanders cared about--job creation and turning around our economy.
Many of these bills deal with issues that are very important for the health of Marylanders including, the unnecessary use of antibiotics in agriculture, a halt to the extermination of bees that pollinate one-third of our food sources, the requirements of very old or very ill inmates, and the need to more aggressively address healthcare disparities.
Although outmatched and outmaneuvered, the Marylanders proved to be stalwart and daring soldiers, helping to cover the Americans' retreat and causing Washington to cry, "Good God
She is an effective and highly respected leader who will further enhance our ability to deliver timely and responsive taxpayer services, protect the security of our taxpayers and ensure that all Marylanders are paying their fair share.
However, the manufacturer refuses to sell to Marylanders even though the gun is quite legal in our state.
Vincent DeMarco, president of the Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence campaign group, hailed the new law, and called for other states to enact similar legislation.