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We learn, upon the au- thority of a letter from Charles county, Maryland, received by a gentleman of this city, that a young man, named Matthews, a nephew of General Mat- thews, and whose father, it is believed, holds an of- fice at Washington, killed one of the slaves upon his father's farm by shooting him.
van der Luyden divided their time between Trevenna, their place in Maryland, and Skuytercliff, the great estate on the Hudson which had been one of the colonial grants of the Dutch government to the famous first Governor, and of which Mr.
He said that you had been convicted on circumstantial evidence; that was why you had got life imprisonment instead of hanging; that you had always stoutly maintained your innocence; that you were the black sheep of the Maryland Dettmars; that they moved heaven and earth for your pardon; that your prison conduct was most exemplary; that he was prosecuting attorney at the time you were convicted; that after you had served seven years he yielded to your family's plea and pardoned you; and that in his own mind existed a doubt that you had killed McSweeny.
During the War of the Rebellion, a new and influential club was established in the city of Baltimore in the State of Maryland.
In her last scene, at Maryland and Virginia, many pleasant things happened, which makes that part of her life very agreeable, but they are not told with the same elegancy as those accounted for by herself; so it is still to the more advantage that we break off here.
We stopped to dine at Baltimore, and being now in Maryland, were waited on, for the first time, by slaves.
I got him soon loaded with the small cargo I sent them; and one of our seamen, that had been on shore with me there, offered to go with the sloop and settle there, upon my letter to the governor Spaniard to allot him a sufficient quantity of land for a plantation, and on my giving him some clothes and tools for his planting work, which he said he understood, having been an old planter at Maryland, and a buccaneer into the bargain.
There is suspicion that Maryland is circumventing Title IX's purpose by conforming to the letter of the law but not its spirit.
ConEdison Solutions' representatives said the company had won approval to provide 95 megawatts of a total of approximately 220 megawatts at stake in the auction sponsored by the Maryland Department of General Services.
True, Maryland did have a head start, having invented the Big Tree contest way back in 1925.
The agency also suggested that more than lighting will be needed to revitalize Maryland Avenue.
This issue was the catalyst for the split of the promissionists who would evolve into mainstream Maryland Baptists from the antimissionists.
About twenty-one boys and girls now live at the Maryland Salem Children's Trust, a residential home for children in need.
The Maryland Circuit Court affirmed three taxpayer victories on March 17, 2000: MCI Int'l Telecommunications Corp.
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