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We learn, upon the au- thority of a letter from Charles county, Maryland, received by a gentleman of this city, that a young man, named Matthews, a nephew of General Mat- thews, and whose father, it is believed, holds an of- fice at Washington, killed one of the slaves upon his father's farm by shooting him.
The Nursing Foundation of Maryland annually awards scholarships up to $1,000 each to Baccalaureate or Graduate nursing students in Maryland to promote nursing education and improved patient outcomes.
This conclusion is consistent with the lack of epidemics of shigellosis and cryptosporidiosis after hurricane rains in Baltimore, Maryland.
Last year, Maryland became the first university to grant varsity status and athletic scholarships to its competitive cheer team (separate from the spirit squad that cheers on the sidelines at football and basketball games).
ConEdison Solutions, one of the nation's leading energy service providers, was one of several winners of an Internet-based "reverse" energy auction to provide low-cost energy supply to a number of executive branch departments and agencies in the state of Maryland.
In 1955 it was tiny Maryland that topped the charts with 45 of the biggest trees in America.
GLENDALE - The underperforming Maryland Avenue portion of the Glendale Exchange will be brightened by $43,000 in lighting improvements, approved unanimously Tuesday by the Redevelopment Agency.
After the board of Prince George's County voted in February to fire Superintendent Iris Metts, the Maryland State Board of Education asserted its authority to reverse the decision and reinstate her.
If geography influences history, there is no surprise that the Baptists of Maryland have always taken the middle, tolerant, path.
The Maryland Salem Children's Trust: Home For Needy Children
Recent court and administrative decisions in Maryland, Massachusetts and New Mexico have asserted issues related to unitary and economic nexus, "phantom corporation" claims and modification of the traditional apportionment formula for companies receiving related-party income from intangibles.
The Legal Publishing Group of Bernan Press (Lanham, MD) has published Case Summaries: Maryland Damages, the fifth and final volume in its series of Maryland case law summary handbooks.
On October 15, 1997, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to a joint committee of the Maryland General Assembly on proposed regulations relating to the tax treatment of royalty and similar deductions by companies doing business with the State of Maryland.
Maryland, however, requires student service as a condition of graduation--the only state to do so.
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