Mary Queen of Scots

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queen of Scotland from 1542 to 1567


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Tutbury Castle is an imposing 11thcentury ruin renowned for being the place where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned.
Mary Queen of Scots, who claimed the crowns of England and Scotland, was one of the most popular and controversial monarchs of 16th century Europe.
This is a beautifully acted play about Mary Queen of Scots and her cousin Queen Elizabeth I.
Meanwhile, her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots (Barbara Flynn), may be allying with Catholic conspirators in Elizabeth's assassination, and the Spanish Armada.
Until relatively recently the sole contact that many early modern English historians had with Scotland was perusing yet another biography of Mary Queen of Scots in the bookshop before reshelving it and moving on to the English (read: important) history section.
Firstly, she demoted the Earl of Leicester by calling him the Duke of Leicester, then she commented at Elizabeth's horror at the death of her 'sister', who actually was Mary Queen of Scots.
PRODUCERS of a new movie about Mary Queen of Scots starring Hollywood babe Angelina Jolie have dumped plans to film in Ireland - because the country is too expensive.
The other contenders for the award were 'My Heart is My Own', John Guy's biography of Mary Queen of Scots, 'Eve Green' by Susan Fletcher, which earlier won the first novel prize, poetry collection 'Corpus' by Michael Symmons Roberts, and Geraldine McCaughrean's children's book 'Not the End of the World'.
CLEMENCE Poesy and Robert Carlyle take on Mary Queen of Scots and James I in Gunpowder, Treason and Plot (BBC2, Sun).
I'd play that a bit later when Mary Queen of Scots is a bit drunk.
No, I'm not calling for a lifetime of The Merry Widow (a ballet, incidentally, I greatly enjoy) but perhaps a realization that La Sonnambula has a place in the repertoire as well as Symphony in C, and that even City Ballet's Episodes once had a pendant piece attached to it--all about Mary Queen of Scots and by Martha Graham.
In 1967, Christopher Gore's first musical "Mary," about Mary Queen of Scots, was the opening production for the theater, and now his brother Rick is bringing his last musical, also about a queen, to the same space.
A RARE letter signed by Queen Elizabeth I which sent Mary Queen of Scots to Coventry almost 450 years ago has been put up for sale.
TV bosses have been forced to tone down sex scenes in a Mary Queen of Scots drama.
Forget Big Sean, move over Andy Murray – the next Scot to make a mark on the world stage is Mary Queen of Scots.